Saturday, February 27th, 2021

Unlock Your Style Code Quiz

  • Your Style Code unlocks how you use clothing to present yourself to the world. What you wear and how you wear it is a form of non-verbal communication. Based on how you look (which includes how you’re dressed) others are making assumptions about who you are. I know, it's not fair, but everyone does it.

    Just think... If you’ve always dressed a certain way and have kept company with the same people, how would you know what impression your clothes are making? You wouldn’t know, unless you’ve actively sought it out. Like most of us, you probably weren't taught how to dress – unless you were lucky enough to have a parent who knew style or you were interested enough to learn on your own.

    Sooo... many women choose styles based on current trends, some stay stuck in styles from years past, others dress to hide, while many have just given up. So it stands to reason that many women hate shopping, dressing and don't have a look they love.

    Unlocking Your Style Code Will Show You:

    • If your style archetype is working with you and your brand
    • How the energy of your clothes is impacting your results
    • How to use your style and the energy of your clothing to step into inspiration
    • The intimate dance of your clothes and your body language

    Step One: Complete the Quiz
    Step Two: Get Your Style Archetype
    Step Three: A 30-minute phone session to - explore your Style Code Archetype and uncover your Style Energy