Monday, January 18th, 2021

How to Build a Wardrobe: 7 Pieces – 5 Outfits

Do you LOVE what you wear? Having an awesome wardrobe, loving what you wear and getting dressed easily, is not about spending a lot of money (that actually can cause the problem) but more about buying the RIGHT items.  Women who have this conquered have learned it. They might have learned from their mother (but that’s rare) or they’ve learned because they’re interested.

You don’t need to know everything about line, design and colour to dress better, but knowing a few of the basics will get you started.

The Basics:

  1.  Know what you love.  The styles you love to wear – your style personality,
  2.  Know your body shape,
  3.  Buy clothes that fit your lifestyle
  4.  Wear clothing that flatters your eye, hair and skin colour. .

Begin with finding your style code. It’s simply finding and determining the styles you feel most comfortable wearing and that reflect who you are (or who you’d like to be). The second step is to find your body shape so you can dress to accentuate it. Designers make clothes to fit a certain ‘model type’ – a type that most women don’t fall into so in most cases real women don’t fit well into the ‘ready to wear’ clothes found in most stores – which can make shopping very frustrating. Is it any wonder women don’t like to shop? When you know your body type you will know how to choose clothes that flatter you and don’t hide your beauty.

If you’re thinking you don’t have time for this and it’s too much to learn, and you’d like help with it. Reduce the stress by getting my help.

A great wardrobe is one that fits well into your lifestyle. For example, a stay-at-home mom will be best suited to a casual wardrobe. If her lifestyle changes her wardrobe will as well. This type of transition can be seen in women who are newly retired. Their closets are full of professional clothing that they no longer need. A little wardrobe change will get them back on track.

When you know your body shape, your fashion personality and your best colours you can start your wardrobe easily with just a few basics.  They must be in compatible fabrics, colours and designs. Here are some examples for a professional wardrobe using just four colours.

Here are just five outfits that can be made with these 7 pieces – more can be made. Adding  more accessories and a couple of different pieces can add a casual wardrobe.


5 Style Tips for Busy Women


Do you ever dream about waking up every morning, going to your closet and finding just the right outfit? Not only is this outfit comfortable and stylish,  but when you wear it you feel sooo amazingly good. The problem is you don’t have time to do all that is involved to get to that place.

You’re right. Having a beautiful wardrobe does take time; however, after the pre-work is done, it gets easy. Here are a few tips to get you started:


  1. Preparation – Think ahead and have an outfit ready for every occasion – especially those of an unexpected nature. You never know when you will have to show up for some unplanned event. If you haven’t prepared you’ll have nothing to wear. For example, if you were invited on short notice to a wedding or a special event would you have something suitable in your closet? Would you have the right accessories? The right colour hose?


  1. Streamline Your Wardrobe – Start by keeping only those clothes in your closet that you wear. Get rid of anything that you have not worn in a year and store clothes that are off-season. Secondly, declutter your closet and organize your wardrobe so you can easily see items that go together or put one or two outfits together on one hanger for those times that you are in a hurry.


  1. Wear Your Best Colours – You will look healthier and more vibrant instantly when you wear colours that are in harmony with your hair colour and skin tone. Also, when you choose your best colours as your base, it becomes easy to mix and match.


  1. Don’t Forget Makeup – You are not completely dressed if you aren’t wearing makeup. A touch of makeup is the ‘icing on the cake’ of a well – groomed woman. If you don’t wear makeup because it takes too long – practice applying it and eventually you will be able to do it in five minutes.


  1. Choose a Great Hairstyle – A great hairstyle is one that suits your face shape, is a colour that complements your skin tone and is easy to maintain. Did I say easy to maintain? Oh yes, that will save you time.

Women are busy, want to look great but don’t always have the time to organize their closets, find out which styles and colours look best on them or shop. If you are one of those women send me an email at and I will send you my free training  3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Style, where you will learn how to put these tips in motion and dress with ease.