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7 Ways Fabric Impacts Your Outfit

If you looked in your closet and asked yourself, “How many of my clothes do I wear and how many of the outfits I wear do I LOVE?” What would your answer be?

You might wonder what ‘loving your clothes’ means. Does it mean ‘they’re okay, I don’t hate them’ or ‘this is as good as it’s ever been’ or ‘ I don’t believe I could ever love them while I still have weight to lose, I can’t afford something better, or….you fill in the blank’.

For me, loving my clothes means that as soon as I’m dressed in the outfit I’ve chosen for the day, how I feel instantly improves. It feels good, it’s comfortable and it brings out my best features.

I haven’t always felt that way. When I was younger I loved clothes  and dressing up but I didn’t know what to buy or how to put outfits together, I was usually never satisfied with what I’d chosen. It was either too small, to itchy, didn’t match or it lacked something to make it look great.  Because I saw other women dressing well, I knew it could be done and that’s when my education in line, design and fabric began.

It’s my intention to help you to start loving your wardrobe as well.  To feel great in any outfit something you must consider is fabric. Remember how I said it seemed I would buy itchy fabrics? Well, being itchy is not the only reason.  The right fabric will not only make you feel comfortable, it will also look great.

  1. When you shop how often do you consider fabric?  Fabric is amazing. Fabric can change the look of a jacket or skirt from office wear to evening wear.  For example, imagine a pencil skirt in three different fabrics. The shape of the skirt stays the same but where it is suitable to be worn and how it looks is quite different.
  2. The fabric you choose for the occasion is important too.  Cotton-polyester is great for a casual workplace like a sports store but is too casual for a law firm. A silk dress might be great for a summer party but unsuitable in a professional environment.
  3. Silks can be worn day and night all year long in a warm climate but in cold climates silk is usually worn during summer and for evening wear during the winter.
  4. Knits are great for business wear for all body shapes as long as they are not worn too tight. Tightness causes bulges at the waist, hips and above and below the bra line. It’s important to wear undergarments that fit well and don’t create extra bulges
  5. Fabrics that bag and sag will ruin the look of an outfit. This can be avoided by not purchasing inexpensive rayons and knits. The next time you’re shopping notice the difference in how they feel. Better fabrics are heavier.
  6. Fabrics should also balance each other.  Similar weights of fabrics easily balance each other, two light-weight fabrics for example or a light-weight with a medium weight and a medium weight with heavier weight fabrics. However, lately it has become trendy to wear fabrics of different weights together. It can be done strategically.
  7. High quality fabric (costs more) holds its shape, lasts longer and looks and feels good. It is worth buying fewer pieces that are good quality because you will look better and they will last longer.

Take a few minutes and go through your closet as ask yourself, “How many of my clothes really make me feel fabulous when I wear them?”  It might just mean making a few slight changes to make a big impact or you maybe you’d like some guidance in making your wardrobe be one you love.


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5 Style Tips for Busy Women


Do you ever dream about waking up every morning, going to your closet and finding just the right outfit? Not only is this outfit comfortable and stylish,  but when you wear it you feel sooo amazingly good. The problem is you don’t have time to do all that is involved to get to that place.

You’re right. Having a beautiful wardrobe does take time; however, after the pre-work is done, it gets easy. Here are a few tips to get you started:


  1. Preparation – Think ahead and have an outfit ready for every occasion – especially those of an unexpected nature. You never know when you will have to show up for some unplanned event. If you haven’t prepared you’ll have nothing to wear. For example, if you were invited on short notice to a wedding or a special event would you have something suitable in your closet? Would you have the right accessories? The right colour hose?


  1. Streamline Your Wardrobe – Start by keeping only those clothes in your closet that you wear. Get rid of anything that you have not worn in a year and store clothes that are off-season. Secondly, declutter your closet and organize your wardrobe so you can easily see items that go together or put one or two outfits together on one hanger for those times that you are in a hurry.


  1. Wear Your Best Colours – You will look healthier and more vibrant instantly when you wear colours that are in harmony with your hair colour and skin tone. Also, when you choose your best colours as your base, it becomes easy to mix and match.


  1. Don’t Forget Makeup – You are not completely dressed if you aren’t wearing makeup. A touch of makeup is the ‘icing on the cake’ of a well – groomed woman. If you don’t wear makeup because it takes too long – practice applying it and eventually you will be able to do it in five minutes.


  1. Choose a Great Hairstyle – A great hairstyle is one that suits your face shape, is a colour that complements your skin tone and is easy to maintain. Did I say easy to maintain? Oh yes, that will save you time.

Women are busy, want to look great but don’t always have the time to organize their closets, find out which styles and colours look best on them or shop. If you are one of those women send me an email at and I will send you my free training  3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Style, where you will learn how to put these tips in motion and dress with ease.