Monday, January 25th, 2021

5 Style Mistakes|Over 50

  1. Stuck in a Style Rut:

You know you’r in a style rut if you’re always wearing the same outfit. No matter where you go, dinner, shopping, travel, your outfit never changes. For some this means, they are still wearing the same outfit they wore five or ten years ago.

The reason for being in a style rut varies, but it usually stems from not knowing which styles to choose (why would you know, we aren’t taught), and then being too afraid to step out of a comfort zone because of what others will think.


2. Clothes That Don’t Suit Your Body Shape

Since we are all unique, and we have different proportions – vertical and horizontal, it’s important to choose styles that are in sync with our shape in order to bring out our best assets and look our best.

To look great, clothes work with the body to create symmetry – the top and bottom should be in balance. For example, a person with a triangle body shape ( where most of her body weight is at the bottom) wears styles that make her bottom half look wider, she is more out of balance. If instead she wore styles to make the bottom look smaller and top look wider, her body would be in balance.

3. Wearing Shapeless Sweaters

Clothes that have shape, create a more streamlined look. Shapeless sweaters in particular, create a frumpy look. Simply switching the bulky sweater for a thiner one will make a lot of difference.

4. Wearing the Wrong Colours or No Colour

Wearing your best colours is the first thing to do to look great. Flattering colours worn against your skin makes you eyes sparkle, your skin glow, and your hair shine.

Black, beige and grey are neutrals and are best worn as a base for your outfit.

5. Bulky Shoes

Shoes can make or break your outfit. They have the ability to make your legs look longer or shorter, your feet and ankles look bigger or smaller and they can make you look taller, shorter, pulled-together- or frumpy. Oh yes, they are important.

I Have Nothing to Wear

“I have nothing to wear”. At some time in our lives most of us have had the experience of looking into our closets and uttering those words while a closet full of clothes stared back at us. What happens is we don’t have an outfit  we feel good wearing, expresses how we feel or the outfits we have just don’t match the occasion. When this happens we inevitably opt for the easiest and most time-tested outfit.

Most women wear the same outfit or a similar version over and over again. For every person the reason might be different but it is usually because this is where we feel most comfortable. If your clothes are expressing who you really are and you love your clothes – great. However, if your go-to outfits are not an expression of the real you then maybe it’s time for a change.

Whether you love your clothes or not, if you are not wearing all of the clothes in your closet then it’s time to create some space. More space in your closet will make you feel lighter and happier. Clothes that you aren’t wearing are not only taking up space they are also carrying energy. For example, a skirt or pants you can’t wear anymore because they’re a little too tight is a constant reminder that you have gained weight or that you feel need to lose weight. Even if you don’t really think it when you see that item (and you might think it) subconsciously the thought is there, stealing your joy. Constant reminders of bad choices (no matter what the reason) are also an energy drain.

If you’re tired of not feeling great in your clothes it’s time to make a change.

Now is a perfect time to get rid of all those clothes that:

  • Don’t fit
  • Itch
  • Ride up
  • Too tight
  • Too baggy
  • Are the wrong colour
  • Create bad memories
  • Are the wrong size
  • Bought on sale and have never worn
  • Worn
  • Don’t fit your lifestyle

Imagine this… You love every item in your closet. You open the doors and you feel inspired to get dressed. You love the styles, the colours and all the options you have.

To have your closet like this you must first get rid of everything that is taking up precious space.

Set aside a couple of hours (a Saturday morning works well) and go through your closet. For every piece you pick up ask yourself why you bought it, if you wear it and if you love it. How you answer these three questions will tell you if it should go or stay. I know from experience that women have trouble getting rid of certain clothes that are cluttering their closets. Usually because there’s a sentimental attachment or they paid a lot of money for it. If this happens, just put it in storage for 6 months and revisit it later. If you feel this way about many items it might be wise to look into the energy around those clothes.

Your next step is to create a closet that is joyful. Start by choosing only styles that represent your authentic self. Those will be the clothes you feel beautiful wearing and you will get your joy back. Sigh…


Dress to Focus on Your Assets

When you shop do you judge your body? Hmmmm… do you? Do you have a particular body part you like more than others? Is there any part of your body you absolutely love?

Or are you thinking; now Sheila, you’ve gone out on a limb – I’m more concerned about hiding my body parts? I say, “What if, you were aware of ALL your physical assets, felt really good about them AND knew how to bring them out, wouldn’t that be freeing?” I believe that everyone has physical assets – lots! It’s just a matter of naming and claiming them.

Here are just a few assets you might have and how to make them shine:











Lovely Legs:

 1. Wear the black/red print skirt an inch or two above the knee to show the most shapely part of your legs. Wear shoes with a low vamp to extend the legs.

2. An ankle length skirt with a side slit is better for those who aren’t comfortable in skirts above the knee but want to show a glimpse of their lovely legs.

3. This skirt is for the gal who also wants to accentuate her waist as well as her legs. This shape skirt is best worn at the knee and gives lots of room for movement.












Beautiful Shoulders: 

Show off your shoulders with strapless and off- the shoulder tops and dresses. If you live in a warm climate you can do this all year but in a cooler climate take advantage of every chance you get. A deep V will also bring attention to your shoulders, i.e. the blue print and the orange dress.










Wonderful Hips:

If your hips are your chosen body part, bring attention to them with belts. Wear an attention getting belt with your jeans or a chain belt over your tops and with a skirt. Don’t forget great fitting jeans and the flattering cut of a wrap skirt.

What other assets are you hiding? Do you have lovely skin, a defined back, beautiful eyes, elegant hands, luscious hair? The list is a long as the number of body parts.  Start today by focusing on what you like ( you probably will find more to like than you think) and you’ll feel much better.


Make Impact with Your Footwear

Create an AMAZING look – choose your footwear wisely. No matter what you are wearing choose a shoe or boot that harmonizes with your outfit in colour (it matches), occasion (casual, professional, formal) and weight (the heaviness of the material).

A shoe that is light in weight fits perfectly with a lightweight, sleeveless dress.

Evening look

Pumps (low or medium heel, closed or open-toe) look great with a medium weight dress short-sleeve dress.

Daytime/Professional look

Long boots can be worn with skinny jeans, dresses or skirts.

Casual look

These are just a few examples of how to choose the right shoes for your outfit. Just remember, it’s the overall look that makes or breaks an outfit. Sneak a peek of your look from head-to-toe before you set out for the day.

The Best Undergarments to Shape, Contour & Boost

Clothes do more than keep you warm – they have the power to create illusions. What you’re wearing is either making you appear smaller or bigger; younger or older; sexy or drab.  The style and shape of your clothing ( ie flare vs straight skirt, v-neckline vs  crew neckline, cap sleeves or 3/4 sleeves) and how well it is suited to your body shape (the two should be in alignment) is very important in how your body appears.

However, your undergarments set the stage. Undergarments are very important in making subtle touches such as creating a slimmer waist, a trim behind or a more curvaceous figure. So before you get dressed invest in undergarments to create a good foundation.

Here are a few pieces that you will need to get you started:

To minimize a large chest choose a minimizing bra that provides extra support and also looks appealing. If you have a large bust, to appear more youthful your bust line should be halfway between your shoulder and elbow. A sagging bust is aging.

To slim legs hold in belly, behind, hips and legs wear a body shaper or stretchy slip to hide bumps and create a smooth look. The type you choose depends on what you’re wearing. The undergarment shouldn’t be visible through your clothes.

To slim the middle area and create curves wear a corset.

Look Great in T-shirts and Sweaters wear bras that have molded cups so there are no visible seams and lace showing.

Peeking Straps are a no-no. Wear a camisole with a built in underwire bra. It is great for lift and you won’t have to worry about peeking straps. Or wear a racer back (for tanks with high cut sleeves) or strapless.

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