Monday, January 25th, 2021

How to Choose the Best Holiday Styles


What’s the difference between dressing for the holidays and dressing for every other day of the year? Glitz and glamour! Otherwise, every other aspect is the same. You want a look that’s: pulled-together, reflects your personality, brings out your radiance and sparkles of confidence. However, as with all other occasions, there are some pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.  Here are a few hints to improve your holiday look:

1)     Glitz – The holiday season is the perfect time to spice up your look with glitz. To make sure glitz is adding to and not taking from your look make sure you follow these hints:

i) Glitz will attract attention, so make sure it is placed strategically. For example, don’t bring attention to a large torso, midriff or bust with a sequin top. Sequins attract light and make the area on which it is placed look larger. It’s better to wear your glitz as an accessory, on such items as shoes or handbags. Or, choose to wear glitzy jewelry – bracelets, rings.

2)     Shoes – the holidays and holiday parties are a great time to wear chic footwear. To create the best look make sure your shoes match your outfit in weight, colour and occasion. For example, if you’re exposing a lot of skin on top (i.e. a sleeveless cocktail dress) sandals are your best choice to create balance.

i) To create the look of a longer leg, avoid shoes with ankle straps. If you have long legs strappy sandals will look great. Never, never wear boots with a cocktail dress – no matter how much you like them.

ii) Your shoe colour is also important – a quick trick is to match your shoes with your hair colour. For example, if you are blonde and wearing a black dress, skin tone sandals will look great and will also make your legs look longer. If you are a brunette, choose black shoes to create a balanced look.  Choose embellished shoes with care and only wear them with plain fabrics. Don’t mix patterns unless you know what you’re doing.

iii) Dressing for the occasion is very important and the holiday season is a time when this might be forgotten.  When you are meeting clients you will always want to look professional. During the holiday season you might be tempted to wear a more festive outfit in a professional setting if you have plans later in the evening. However, you will lose credibility if you come to a meeting wearing glitzy jewelry, sequins or anything that is festive. Have your evening attire somewhere close so you can dress after you’re finished with your clients.











Fabric – Fabrics can be heavy, light or medium in weight. Heavy weight fabrics such as velvet, fur or corduroy add bulk and will make you appear heavier.  A faux fur coat for example will instantly add ten pounds – something to keep in mind if you don’t want to look larger.

i) Light fabrics such as jersey and polyester/spandex run the risk of being clingy and will also bring attention to tummies  and bra and panty lines (no matter what your size). To look your best when choosing those fabrics don’t wear them tight, don’t wear them in a solid light colour and use anti-static if you’re in a cold climate. And last but not least, check your look from head-to-toe in a full-length mirror.

4)    Hose – When you wear a sleeveless cocktail dress be sure to create a balanced look by matching your hose with your skin colour. For example, if you’re lily white don’t wear black hose and certainly not black (or colour) tights. Remember, stylish, well put together looks have balance – it’s the difference between blah and fabulous.

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Go out and have a wonderful holiday season! 🙂