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Dress to Focus on Your Assets

When you shop do you judge your body? Hmmmm… do you? Do you have a particular body part you like more than others? Is there any part of your body you absolutely love?

Or are you thinking; now Sheila, you’ve gone out on a limb – I’m more concerned about hiding my body parts? I say, “What if, you were aware of ALL your physical assets, felt really good about them AND knew how to bring them out, wouldn’t that be freeing?” I believe that everyone has physical assets – lots! It’s just a matter of naming and claiming them.

Here are just a few assets you might have and how to make them shine:











Lovely Legs:

 1. Wear the black/red print skirt an inch or two above the knee to show the most shapely part of your legs. Wear shoes with a low vamp to extend the legs.

2. An ankle length skirt with a side slit is better for those who aren’t comfortable in skirts above the knee but want to show a glimpse of their lovely legs.

3. This skirt is for the gal who also wants to accentuate her waist as well as her legs. This shape skirt is best worn at the knee and gives lots of room for movement.












Beautiful Shoulders: 

Show off your shoulders with strapless and off- the shoulder tops and dresses. If you live in a warm climate you can do this all year but in a cooler climate take advantage of every chance you get. A deep V will also bring attention to your shoulders, i.e. the blue print and the orange dress.










Wonderful Hips:

If your hips are your chosen body part, bring attention to them with belts. Wear an attention getting belt with your jeans or a chain belt over your tops and with a skirt. Don’t forget great fitting jeans and the flattering cut of a wrap skirt.

What other assets are you hiding? Do you have lovely skin, a defined back, beautiful eyes, elegant hands, luscious hair? The list is a long as the number of body parts.  Start today by focusing on what you like ( you probably will find more to like than you think) and you’ll feel much better.


Your Wardrobe Doesn’t Have to Be Black

If your wardrobe consists mostly of black, then I’m guessing that you aren’t inspired by what you’re wearing. Would you like to be?

I know, I’ve heard it all before – black is easy. I agree, dressing in black easy. This is what I hear in favour of black:

  • It’s easy to find – black is on every rack in every store.
  • It’s slimming.It is, but so is any dark colour.
  • It’s easy to mix and match. It might be, but it isn’t very interesting.
  • And last but not least, it hides dirt. I don’t know that this is a good reason to wear black.

Are you ready to spice up your wardrobe? Here are a few ways to kick black (at least some of it) out of your wardrobe:

  1. Prints: Adding prints to your wardrobe adds interest and colour. The prints available each season will vary and can include, animal prints, florals, stripes, geometric, etc. Prints are trending this season (Fall 2018) so this is a great time to add some prints to your wardrobe. You’ll find herringbone, glen plaid and houndstooth in stores this season.

To spice up your wardrobe I suggest wearing just one print at a time. Try a floral top with neutral pants or a solid top with a print pant or  print skirt.

  1. Texture: Choose textures like sparkle, ruffles, velvet, lace, ruching, etc. to spice up your wardrobe. Putting smooth textures together (especially black) can be quite boring. Don’t be boring. As with prints, use them sparingly.
  1. Accessories:   Scarves: Use scarves to bring outfits together. Choose a scarf with a print that has your best colours and ties your bottom and top together.

Handbags: A handbag is the perfect accessory to add pizazz to an outfit. Try a handbag in one of your favourite colours (one that picks up a colour in your outfit).

Shoes: Let’s not forget shoes. Bring attention to your outfit by choosing a colour other than black or brown. They just need to match in style and work with the colour of your outfit. Wearing a navy dress? Choose red shoes. Wearing jeans? Choose a print.

The Best Undergarments to Shape, Contour & Boost

Clothes do more than keep you warm – they have the power to create illusions. What you’re wearing is either making you appear smaller or bigger; younger or older; sexy or drab.  The style and shape of your clothing ( ie flare vs straight skirt, v-neckline vs  crew neckline, cap sleeves or 3/4 sleeves) and how well it is suited to your body shape (the two should be in alignment) is very important in how your body appears.

However, your undergarments set the stage. Undergarments are very important in making subtle touches such as creating a slimmer waist, a trim behind or a more curvaceous figure. So before you get dressed invest in undergarments to create a good foundation.

Here are a few pieces that you will need to get you started:

To minimize a large chest choose a minimizing bra that provides extra support and also looks appealing. If you have a large bust, to appear more youthful your bust line should be halfway between your shoulder and elbow. A sagging bust is aging.

To slim legs hold in belly, behind, hips and legs wear a body shaper or stretchy slip to hide bumps and create a smooth look. The type you choose depends on what you’re wearing. The undergarment shouldn’t be visible through your clothes.

To slim the middle area and create curves wear a corset.

Look Great in T-shirts and Sweaters wear bras that have molded cups so there are no visible seams and lace showing.

Peeking Straps are a no-no. Wear a camisole with a built in underwire bra. It is great for lift and you won’t have to worry about peeking straps. Or wear a racer back (for tanks with high cut sleeves) or strapless.

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Jeans – 3 Different Looks

Do you love jeans? Even though jeans are the hardest wardrobe item to fit, most women have at least one pair and some have dozens of pairs. Where do you stand?

Jeans are a very versatile wardrobe item and can be dressed up or down. I’ve noticed that even though there are many options, most women stick to wearing jeans just one or two ways.

It’s time to get out of the box.

Below I have three (3) ways you can wear blue jeans and a black cami to get different looks. Believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to jeans, so why not have a little fun with it?

I’ve used just one cami, which can be worn both ways lace or no lace but in the pics below two different camis are shown.

Jeans & Cami = 3 Ways

This option is a little dressy and includes flats for those who can’t wear heels.

This option – #2 is casual. It still has the jeans and cami – but also has jacket with a little pop of colour, the shoes have been traded for booties and the accessory is earrings.

Option #3: Starting with the jeans and cami the boots have changed, a handbag has been added and a pearl necklace to bring it up a notch.

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7 Ways Fabric Impacts Your Outfit

If you looked in your closet and asked yourself, “How many of my clothes do I wear and how many of the outfits I wear do I LOVE?” What would your answer be?

You might wonder what ‘loving your clothes’ means. Does it mean ‘they’re okay, I don’t hate them’ or ‘this is as good as it’s ever been’ or ‘ I don’t believe I could ever love them while I still have weight to lose, I can’t afford something better, or….you fill in the blank’.

For me, loving my clothes means that as soon as I’m dressed in the outfit I’ve chosen for the day, how I feel instantly improves. It feels good, it’s comfortable and it brings out my best features.

I haven’t always felt that way. When I was younger I loved clothes  and dressing up but I didn’t know what to buy or how to put outfits together, I was usually never satisfied with what I’d chosen. It was either too small, to itchy, didn’t match or it lacked something to make it look great.  Because I saw other women dressing well, I knew it could be done and that’s when my education in line, design and fabric began.

It’s my intention to help you to start loving your wardrobe as well.  To feel great in any outfit something you must consider is fabric. Remember how I said it seemed I would buy itchy fabrics? Well, being itchy is not the only reason.  The right fabric will not only make you feel comfortable, it will also look great.

  1. When you shop how often do you consider fabric?  Fabric is amazing. Fabric can change the look of a jacket or skirt from office wear to evening wear.  For example, imagine a pencil skirt in three different fabrics. The shape of the skirt stays the same but where it is suitable to be worn and how it looks is quite different.
  2. The fabric you choose for the occasion is important too.  Cotton-polyester is great for a casual workplace like a sports store but is too casual for a law firm. A silk dress might be great for a summer party but unsuitable in a professional environment.
  3. Silks can be worn day and night all year long in a warm climate but in cold climates silk is usually worn during summer and for evening wear during the winter.
  4. Knits are great for business wear for all body shapes as long as they are not worn too tight. Tightness causes bulges at the waist, hips and above and below the bra line. It’s important to wear undergarments that fit well and don’t create extra bulges
  5. Fabrics that bag and sag will ruin the look of an outfit. This can be avoided by not purchasing inexpensive rayons and knits. The next time you’re shopping notice the difference in how they feel. Better fabrics are heavier.
  6. Fabrics should also balance each other.  Similar weights of fabrics easily balance each other, two light-weight fabrics for example or a light-weight with a medium weight and a medium weight with heavier weight fabrics. However, lately it has become trendy to wear fabrics of different weights together. It can be done strategically.
  7. High quality fabric (costs more) holds its shape, lasts longer and looks and feels good. It is worth buying fewer pieces that are good quality because you will look better and they will last longer.

Take a few minutes and go through your closet as ask yourself, “How many of my clothes really make me feel fabulous when I wear them?”  It might just mean making a few slight changes to make a big impact or you maybe you’d like some guidance in making your wardrobe be one you love.


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