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5 Style Mistakes|Over 50

  1. Stuck in a Style Rut:

You know you’r in a style rut if you’re always wearing the same outfit. No matter where you go, dinner, shopping, travel, your outfit never changes. For some this means, they are still wearing the same outfit they wore five or ten years ago.

The reason for being in a style rut varies, but it usually stems from not knowing which styles to choose (why would you know, we aren’t taught), and then being too afraid to step out of a comfort zone because of what others will think.


2. Clothes That Don’t Suit Your Body Shape

Since we are all unique, and we have different proportions – vertical and horizontal, it’s important to choose styles that are in sync with our shape in order to bring out our best assets and look our best.

To look great, clothes work with the body to create symmetry – the top and bottom should be in balance. For example, a person with a triangle body shape ( where most of her body weight is at the bottom) wears styles that make her bottom half look wider, she is more out of balance. If instead she wore styles to make the bottom look smaller and top look wider, her body would be in balance.

3. Wearing Shapeless Sweaters

Clothes that have shape, create a more streamlined look. Shapeless sweaters in particular, create a frumpy look. Simply switching the bulky sweater for a thiner one will make a lot of difference.

4. Wearing the Wrong Colours or No Colour

Wearing your best colours is the first thing to do to look great. Flattering colours worn against your skin makes you eyes sparkle, your skin glow, and your hair shine.

Black, beige and grey are neutrals and are best worn as a base for your outfit.

5. Bulky Shoes

Shoes can make or break your outfit. They have the ability to make your legs look longer or shorter, your feet and ankles look bigger or smaller and they can make you look taller, shorter, pulled-together- or frumpy. Oh yes, they are important.

7 Ways Fabric Impacts Your Outfit

If you looked in your closet and asked yourself, “How many of my clothes do I wear and how many of the outfits I wear do I LOVE?” What would your answer be?

You might wonder what ‘loving your clothes’ means. Does it mean ‘they’re okay, I don’t hate them’ or ‘this is as good as it’s ever been’ or ‘ I don’t believe I could ever love them while I still have weight to lose, I can’t afford something better, or….you fill in the blank’.

For me, loving my clothes means that as soon as I’m dressed in the outfit I’ve chosen for the day, how I feel instantly improves. It feels good, it’s comfortable and it brings out my best features.

I haven’t always felt that way. When I was younger I loved clothes  and dressing up but I didn’t know what to buy or how to put outfits together, I was usually never satisfied with what I’d chosen. It was either too small, to itchy, didn’t match or it lacked something to make it look great.  Because I saw other women dressing well, I knew it could be done and that’s when my education in line, design and fabric began.

It’s my intention to help you to start loving your wardrobe as well.  To feel great in any outfit something you must consider is fabric. Remember how I said it seemed I would buy itchy fabrics? Well, being itchy is not the only reason.  The right fabric will not only make you feel comfortable, it will also look great.

  1. When you shop how often do you consider fabric?  Fabric is amazing. Fabric can change the look of a jacket or skirt from office wear to evening wear.  For example, imagine a pencil skirt in three different fabrics. The shape of the skirt stays the same but where it is suitable to be worn and how it looks is quite different.
  2. The fabric you choose for the occasion is important too.  Cotton-polyester is great for a casual workplace like a sports store but is too casual for a law firm. A silk dress might be great for a summer party but unsuitable in a professional environment.
  3. Silks can be worn day and night all year long in a warm climate but in cold climates silk is usually worn during summer and for evening wear during the winter.
  4. Knits are great for business wear for all body shapes as long as they are not worn too tight. Tightness causes bulges at the waist, hips and above and below the bra line. It’s important to wear undergarments that fit well and don’t create extra bulges
  5. Fabrics that bag and sag will ruin the look of an outfit. This can be avoided by not purchasing inexpensive rayons and knits. The next time you’re shopping notice the difference in how they feel. Better fabrics are heavier.
  6. Fabrics should also balance each other.  Similar weights of fabrics easily balance each other, two light-weight fabrics for example or a light-weight with a medium weight and a medium weight with heavier weight fabrics. However, lately it has become trendy to wear fabrics of different weights together. It can be done strategically.
  7. High quality fabric (costs more) holds its shape, lasts longer and looks and feels good. It is worth buying fewer pieces that are good quality because you will look better and they will last longer.

Take a few minutes and go through your closet as ask yourself, “How many of my clothes really make me feel fabulous when I wear them?”  It might just mean making a few slight changes to make a big impact or you maybe you’d like some guidance in making your wardrobe be one you love.


10 Ways to Look Fabulous for Less

Wardrobe Tips for Amazing Style

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How to Build a Wardrobe: 7 Pieces – 5 Outfits

Do you LOVE what you wear? Having an awesome wardrobe, loving what you wear and getting dressed easily, is not about spending a lot of money (that actually can cause the problem) but more about buying the RIGHT items.  Women who have this conquered have learned it. They might have learned from their mother (but that’s rare) or they’ve learned because they’re interested.

You don’t need to know everything about line, design and colour to dress better, but knowing a few of the basics will get you started.

The Basics:

  1.  Know what you love.  The styles you love to wear – your style personality,
  2.  Know your body shape,
  3.  Buy clothes that fit your lifestyle
  4.  Wear clothing that flatters your eye, hair and skin colour. .

Begin with finding your style code. It’s simply finding and determining the styles you feel most comfortable wearing and that reflect who you are (or who you’d like to be). The second step is to find your body shape so you can dress to accentuate it. Designers make clothes to fit a certain ‘model type’ – a type that most women don’t fall into so in most cases real women don’t fit well into the ‘ready to wear’ clothes found in most stores – which can make shopping very frustrating. Is it any wonder women don’t like to shop? When you know your body type you will know how to choose clothes that flatter you and don’t hide your beauty.

If you’re thinking you don’t have time for this and it’s too much to learn, and you’d like help with it. Reduce the stress by getting my help.

A great wardrobe is one that fits well into your lifestyle. For example, a stay-at-home mom will be best suited to a casual wardrobe. If her lifestyle changes her wardrobe will as well. This type of transition can be seen in women who are newly retired. Their closets are full of professional clothing that they no longer need. A little wardrobe change will get them back on track.

When you know your body shape, your fashion personality and your best colours you can start your wardrobe easily with just a few basics.  They must be in compatible fabrics, colours and designs. Here are some examples for a professional wardrobe using just four colours.

Here are just five outfits that can be made with these 7 pieces – more can be made. Adding  more accessories and a couple of different pieces can add a casual wardrobe.


This Isn’t a Dress Rehearsal

Every New Year I look for interesting ways to enhance my life. Some people might call it making a New Year’s resolution but I think of what I do as life enhancement. If it brings me joy I do it,  if it doesn’t bring me joy, I don’t do it.

For many years I have kept a gratitude journal, which I write in every night. I also read Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book Simple Abundance. I’ve been reading this daily for a couple of years.

The journal entry for January 4th is entitled “This Isn’t a Dress Rehearsal”. She talks about how we hold back on living waiting for something special. For example, saving pretty china for company or not dressing up (or even getting dressed) when we’re alone. I think many of us live like life is a dress rehearsal and we keep putting off things waiting for the perfect time.

As the New Year begins I think it’s important to set an intention to live life to the fullest. However, when it comes to how you feel, your clothes, what you wear and how much you like to get dressed has an impact. So why not… dress in a way that makes you feel good?


Organize your closet. It’s much easier to dress well when you know what clothes you have and you can easily find them. Choose styles and colours that bring out your best features. Decide to and always look your best whether you’re in company or alone. Get clear on the styles you like to wear – only wear styles you love. If you take care of how you look and dress well you will feel better which will enhance the quality of your life. It doesn’t matter if no one sees you. You see you!

Today, make a decision to create more joy in your life. If you wait for special occasions to treat yourself well, life will pass you by. Life is now. Don’t settle for things you don’t want or things that don’t set your soul on fire. If this is a new concept to you and you have no idea where to begin. Here’s a hint: pay attention to everything that brings a smile to your face this week – get a journal and write them down. After a week you’ll know some things that bring you joy. Repeat.

If you’d like to get styles with a group of like-minded women, join my Facebook group – it’s free. Click Here – Smart Style Tips
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Style Mistakes That Are Aging & How to Fix Them

Whether you’re a fashionista or a woman who just wants to look great, I’m sure you don’t want to wear styles that are aging. And, let’s face it, if you’re not paying attention to what you wear, making these style mistakes is possible.

I’m here to help you prevent that from happening. Here are some  aging style mistakes I see and how to fix them.

#1  Long vests and shapeless jackets. How your clothes drape your body is major when it comes to your appearance.  If you wear tops that are too big in order to camouflage, you are bringing attention to the areas you want to conceal and you will appear larger.












Instead, choose jacket styles that accentuate your shape –  a short jacket that nips at the waist.

Best Choice










#2  Elastic waist pants and jeans that get baggy  are aging.
















Instead  wear slim fitting pants that fit well and choose jeans that have enough elasticity to stretch but not enough to become baggy.

Great Choice














#3 A Frumpy Handbag: No matter how well you dress a single element that is out of line could throw you whole outfit off into the aging category. One item that is sure to do this is the frumpy handbag. What is a frumpy handbag? It’s a handbag that is one colour, is usually a square or rectangular shape, and has a wide strap








Instead choose a stylish handbag one that complements your outfit. Or choose one in a colour that brings out a colour in your outfit.


Great Choice












# 4 Undergarments That Aren’t Doing Their Job and Avoiding  Shape Wear : Undergarments are the foundation of all great looking clothing.  Avoid bras that don’t fit and don’t forgo shape wear when wearing clingy clothes.









Bumps are aging and shape wear (they don’t have to be super tight to work) can fix this problem.


Choose shape wear












#5 Turtlenecks and Chokers:   Are aging because they bring attention to the neckline. Don’t wear these unless you’re young.














Instead choose V- necks and long necklaces which draw the eye downward and create more space and length.

Great choice

Great choice











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