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5 Style Mistakes|Over 50

  1. Stuck in a Style Rut:

You know you’r in a style rut if you’re always wearing the same outfit. No matter where you go, dinner, shopping, travel, your outfit never changes. For some this means, they are still wearing the same outfit they wore five or ten years ago.

The reason for being in a style rut varies, but it usually stems from not knowing which styles to choose (why would you know, we aren’t taught), and then being too afraid to step out of a comfort zone because of what others will think.


2. Clothes That Don’t Suit Your Body Shape

Since we are all unique, and we have different proportions – vertical and horizontal, it’s important to choose styles that are in sync with our shape in order to bring out our best assets and look our best.

To look great, clothes work with the body to create symmetry – the top and bottom should be in balance. For example, a person with a triangle body shape ( where most of her body weight is at the bottom) wears styles that make her bottom half look wider, she is more out of balance. If instead she wore styles to make the bottom look smaller and top look wider, her body would be in balance.

3. Wearing Shapeless Sweaters

Clothes that have shape, create a more streamlined look. Shapeless sweaters in particular, create a frumpy look. Simply switching the bulky sweater for a thiner one will make a lot of difference.

4. Wearing the Wrong Colours or No Colour

Wearing your best colours is the first thing to do to look great. Flattering colours worn against your skin makes you eyes sparkle, your skin glow, and your hair shine.

Black, beige and grey are neutrals and are best worn as a base for your outfit.

5. Bulky Shoes

Shoes can make or break your outfit. They have the ability to make your legs look longer or shorter, your feet and ankles look bigger or smaller and they can make you look taller, shorter, pulled-together- or frumpy. Oh yes, they are important.

Have You Stopped Wearing Your Most Important Accessory?


Did you think it was your smile? It’s not, but it’s a close second. Colour is the most important accessory. Why? Because it’s a detail – the most important detail you can wear. If you know how to work with colour you will look exceptional!

Like accessories colour brightens your outfit, adds interest and expands your wardrobe. Why then do so many women limit the amount of colour in their wardrobes and opt mostly for black? Simply put, black is easy to find, it’s easy to match, it doesn’t show dirt and it is slimming – dressing is much easier when you’re working with one colour (well, neutral). Is easier better? Do we look our best because what we’ve chosen to wear is easy? Are we maximizing our best features? Are we feeling as confident as we could? Of course the answer is no.  In a sea of black, we blend in with everyone else, there’s no fun in what we wear and in most cases black in not a suitable colour near our face. It’s draining, so we look dull and older.

What would our world look like if women became turned on to colour?  Psychologically, we would feel better – there’s power in colour. For example, wearing a yellow top instead of black would instantly make you appear more cheerful and approachable to those around you. If the yellow is your best yellow (there is a yellow that looks great on you) your skin will look clearer and vibrant. So naturally, you will get positive feedback which will lead you to feeling better. Now just imagine, if everyone wore colour – blue, green, pink, red – wouldn’t life be more interesting. I’m not saying to get rid of black entirely, just reduce its use and sprinkle in more colours.  To introduce colour into your wardrobe correctly there is a learning curve but it’s worth it.

Would you like to learn a little about choosing a great colour? Did you say, “Yes”? Let’s get started. Which looks better on you clear vibrant colours or subdued muted colours?

Some women look great in bright, clear vibrant colours while others look better in more subdued or muted colours. How can you tell which looks better on you? You can experiment using a mirror in good light – daylight is best. Let’s use the colour red. Every woman usually has something red in her closet but first a little about colour and intensity.

Intensity and Colour.  Intensity has to do with the amount of lightness and brightness in a colour – how clear or how muted a colour appears. Reds come in different intensitiy:

Bright, bold, vibrant clear reds – fire engine red

Bright, but more delicate reds – like strawberry

Slightly more subdued, more muted – like ruby

More Subdued and toned-down reds – dusty rose

Start with a comparison of bright colours – one bold, bright (fire-engine) the other delicate and bright (strawberry). Holding the boldest, brightest first just glance at yourself and see if your eye goes right to the colour or to your face and the colour at the same time. If the colour is too bright and bold for your colouring it will be overpowering and your skin will look washed-out and pale. If it’s right, your skin will look clearer and dark circles and blemishes will look less noticeable. Tip: If your glance brings your eyes immediately to the colour it’s too bright and bold for your colouring. Your eye should go to your face and the colour at the same time.

If this is the case, try a more delicate bright (strawberry) colour next. If your face lights up and your skin looks clear and radiant you’ve found your best intensity. However, if the colour is the first thing you see and you look pale and washed-out you’ll know that you need a more subdued muted colour red. Continue using the two subdued and toned-down reds to find the one that blends better with your skin.

Now you know which intensity is best, Bright bold; bright, delicate; slightly subdued or more subdued you’ll know that you will find the same with all colours. For example, if slightly subdued reds are most flattering then slightly subdued blues, greens, etc will be most flattering.


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How to dress with ease

3 Tips to Dress With Ease

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Do you love your clothes? Do you mix and match easily? Do you always have the perfect outfit, no matter what the occasion? Is your closet a place you love to visit? Let’s face it, dressing is easy, dressing well is a whole different ball game.  Not knowing what to buy and the feeling of overwhelm is why so many women hate to shop, have way too many clothes they don’t like and why many have given up hope of looking fabulous.

The answer is not buying more of what you already have or shopping ‘hoping’ to find that magic outfit. If you keep doing what you’ve always done nothing will change. It saddens me to see women buying more and more clothes (usually black and on sale) hoping to look and feel great only to be disappointed.

Dressing can be easy or difficult, it’s all in how you approach it. Like everything, dressing gets easier when you know how to do it – and it’s not something you’re born knowing. I’ve been studying this for over thirty years and I still learn things. The cool thing is you save time and money when you know what you’re doing; that is, when you buy what looks great, fits your brand, your lifestyle.

Dressing well can be done in three (3) simple steps:

Organize your closet: An organized closet is more than just being neat, that’s the least of it. An organized closet has all the right pieces in the right colours; pieces that suit your body shape, your lifestyle and your personality.

Buy the right items: Smart shopping is about knowing what you’re looking for – it isn’t haphazard. It means doing some thinking about the look you want to create and then choosing items that work well together to make dressing easy. This can be done using capsule dressing. Here’s an example of a dressing capsule:

How to dress with ease




Have a plan: Planning, is the key to success no matter what you do, looking fabulous is no different. When you do the work up front and create a plan, it’s just a matter of repeating the process to get great results.

To help you get started, I am having a webinar March 21st, @ 6pm EST  3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Style. In this webinar I will take you through these steps and show you how to use Capsule Dressing to make dressing easy. All you’ll need to do is show up, watch, listen and follow along.  JOIN THE WEBINAR HERE