Sunday, January 24th, 2021
Boost Your Charisma and Business Success

3 Ways to Boost Your Charisma and Business Success

Boost Your Charisma and Business Success - Ali Brown

Ali Brown

One way to create personal and business success is to step out of your comfort zone and increase your level of charisma. Yes, charisma is not something you’re born with, it’s learned. Being charismatic is the key to a more rewarding personal and professional life because it makes you more likeable, credible and trustworthy. Charismatic people are seen as leaders – people want to follow them and adopt their ideas.

A charismatic person radiates a level of positivity that makes people feel good in their presence and creates a lasting impression. Don’t you love being around people who make you feel better?

Ali Brown (featured image) is a woman embodies all of the characteristics of a charismatic leader. I remember her when she first started in business  around 2004. I believe her success is due not only a great business sense but her charismatic nature.

So, how do you become more charismatic?

  1. Every time you interact with someone you have an opportunity to enhance your charisma simply by being present. Being present means truly listening to the person you’re with instead of thinking about what you’re going to say next, looking around the room or checking your phone. Charismatic people focus on the other person and aren’t looking for an opportunity to impress. They are not prejudiced by social status or position and are genuinely interested in what you have to say and see everyone as equally important. After interacting with a charismatic person you leave feeling important and special.
  1. Charismatic people are self-confident which means they feel good about who they are – they like themselves, what they do and how they look – they don’t feel the need to impress or seek attention. With self-confidence comes positive body language – good posture, eye contact and positive gestures. Charismatic people have great posture and body language. They stand tall and walk with determined strides. You can build self- confidence by actively taking note of your good qualities, being passionate about what you do, dressing to stand out and get noticed in style and taking care of your body and your health.
  1. Creating a feeling of warmth is an attribute of being charismatic. Charismatic people are optimist and see the best in others. Their enthusiastic personality and genuine smile create a feeling of warmth that is contagious and people want to be around. It’s difficult to create a feeling of warmth if you don’t feel it, but warmth can be cultivated. Two quick ways to begin are to relax and use open body posture such as keeping your arms uncrossed and keeping objects (such as desks) from coming between you. The second way is to make eye contact and smile.


Building your charisma is a very important success tool no matter what your goal in life because it allows you to command a room, draw others to you and get your ideas adopted.

Create an image of influence

3 Ways To Create an Image of Influence

Create an image of influenceHave you ever thought of how much influence you have? Have you wondered how you appear to your new prospect, the job interviewer, your new date, or your audience? Your level of influence comes from the first impressions you make – how you build your likeability, credibility and charisma. When we first meet someone we instantly make judgments and get first impressions from communication and non-verbal cues. Those impressions are quick, subconscious and come instantly. When someone first meets us they quickly assess our credibility or trustworthiness; our likeability, if we’re easy to be around and our attractiveness, how well we are put together. All of this together is our image.

Your image is not just your appearance, although appearance is a big part. Image is how you show up in the world – that energetic feel people get when they meet you. I’m sure you’ve met people who you instantly like, others you don’t trust and some with whom you have a wait-and-see attitude. The thing is they all might be people you will like or even become friends with eventually, but if it takes time you might never find out.

In a situation where you want to create a good impression and you don’t have a long time to do it, it helps to know how to create an instant connection. The reason you might not be creating a good impression has nothing to do with the person you are but more to do with how you project your energy.

You’re always broadcasting your energy and others are tuning in to your energetic field first by your behaviour – how you move (your body language), secondly by how you communicate – how you sound and what you say and thirdly by your appearance – how you’re dressed and groomed. When all of these are put together you are sending a message that is either helping or holding you back.

So what does it take to have an influential image? To be really short and to the point, it takes being in alignment with who you really are and how you project your energy. To get you started in creating an image of influence, I will share 3 steps that you can take right now.

  1. Be yourself. This means being comfortable with who you are, not worrying if you’re good enough, not worrying if you’ll say the wrong thing or trying to conform to what someone else likes or wants. Being able to ‘be yourself’ comes from being confident – believing you are good enough just as you are. Trying to be someone you’re not is very hard work. If you feel tired and drained after spending time with a group of people you don’t know well or have just met, you are probably not being yourself. When you are being yourself you’re comfortable and authentic. You’re credible.
  1. Create a credible appearance. Do you dress how you want or are you afraid that if you dressed in a way that feels good and inspiring you might ‘get noticed’? If you are afraid to stand out, maybe you dress down wearing baggy clothes, dull colours and drab styles that everyone else wears, to blend in. That’s not very inspiring and doesn’t create authenticity.

Do a quick assessment of your head-to-toe appearance – how do you dress, how are you groomed? Does your appearance reflect your reliability? How would you describe your clothes – pressed, wrinkled, worn, matched, mismatched? Does your appearance reflect your brand? Is it how you want to be seen? Would you trust you?

  1. Show your confidence in your body language. How you move tells others how confident you are. Your movements or non-verbal cues indicate how you feel about yourself and how you feel about others. Simply by standing straight, squaring your shoulders and relaxing, you can automatically feel more confident.

To further show confident body language, maintain eye contact and focus on your listener, or if you’re the listener, focus on the speaker. There’s no quicker way to lose credibility than to half listen and move your focus to everything and everyone who moves around you while you’re ‘supposedly’ listening. Make the speaker the centre of your attention and don’t forget to smile. A smile is contagious and not only makes you feel better but those who are the recipients of your smile feel better. Even if they don’t return your smile they connect with your energy.