Monday, January 25th, 2021

Buying On Sale Is Ruining Your Wardrobe!

are your shopping habits determining how you dress?When I ask women if they love what they wear and love how they dress the answer is usually, “No” and they go on tell me how bad they feel because of all the clothes they have that they don’t wear. The reasons women end up with clothes in their closets that they don’t wear are numerous. Some are: They follow trends – what everyone else is wearing, they listen to the bad advice of others, they have no idea what really looks great on them, they just buy what they’ve always bought, or the most common – they buy because it’s on sale.

A little while ago I did an interview with  a personal finance coach and we talked about how to invest in a wardrobe without breaking the bank. Through our conversation it became really clear how old programming determines how we shop for clothes, which ultimately leads to how much we love or don’t love them. I admit I’ve been guilty of this too.

I don’t know if any of us really escaped the indoctrination of how good it is and how smart we are when we get something on sale. This is evident when someone compliments you on something you’re wearing and you promptly tell him or her how little you paid.  I don’t ever hear anyone say, “Yeah, I really paid a lot for this”.

How can you have a closet full of clothes you love when you’re buying them on sale? It’s my experience that clothing bought on sale isn’t a good purchase because, items bought on sale are usually bought using emotion instead of reason – we feel smarter – we’re saving money. When we buy on sale we are buying for ALL the wrong reasons. However, if you’ve taken the time to know which styles and colours look best on you and have a system you follow, sale items can be a good purchase.

When women buy clothing because it’s on sale they’re actually paying more in the long run because the clothes don’t get worn – or worn just once. Also, because they aren’t  paying a lot they buy more. More clothes in your closet (that don’t have a reason to be there) is the cause of closet frustration.

Women, who have wardrobes they love, THINK differently about clothes. This is what they believe:

  1. Clothes are an investment. Buying good quality clothes costs less money in the long term because they last longer, fit better and look fabulous when chosen correctly.
  2. They deserve to feel and look their best: They feel better when they’re dressed well and they know they deserve it. They don’t see any righteousness in acting small or buying on sale.
  3. Mediocre is not an option: They don’t settle for clothes that are average. They invest in their clothing (usually women who do this do it in all aspects of their lives) by finding styles that suit who they are, who they want to be and how they feel.

If you see yourself in this and want to change and be a woman who invests in herself and  loves her wardrobe, your first step is to take action! Find Out How Here