Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Live Online Styling Sessions

How do you feel every morning when you look in your closet? Do you wish you had something new and exciting to wear but you know that that in spite of all the clothes you own, you’ll end up wearing one of your few trusted outfits?

You’re not alone.

Imagine, getting up every morning and looking into a closet that is not only well-organized but is full of outfits that you choose effortlessly and you love to wear because they make you feel confident, vibrant and fabulous.

If this is something you’d like to experience every day and you are willing to learn how to do it – it’s yours.

In just a couple of weeks I will be hosting Online Interactive Styling Sessions. Each session will be approximately 1.5 hours

Session One:

Determining your Signature Style. Your signature style is:

  • A style that is uniquely you – not a cookie-cutter image of someone else.
  • Outfits that are a perfect match for your personality – styles that feel ‘like you’ when you wear them.
  • A style that creates the impression you want to make
  •  AND – It suits your lifestyle

Some of the benefits of dressing your signature style:

  • You always know what styles to choose – which makes shopping easier
  • You know you look great – you don’t have to wonder
  • Improves confidence

Session Two:

Determining Your Best Styles –

  • I will help you find your wardrobe colour palette
  • The style shapes that are best for you –what to avoid

Some benefits of knowing your best styles

  • You save money because it’s easier to mix and match
  • Getting dressing is easier
  • Clothes look great on you

Session Three

Your Wardrobe Capsule – A wardrobe capsule is a grouping of 8 -12 items that mix and match.

  • Closet Assessment: What’s in your closet?
  • The pieces you love to wear – you will take pictures and upload them to your online closet which will help me when I create your capsule wardrobe
  • I will upload pieces to your online closet as recommendations
  • In the Lookbook you will get ready-made outfits that come from your closet + my finds
  • You will have items and the links to stores for purchase