Saturday, February 27th, 2021

Confident Colour

The Five Element Colour Analysis Includes:

  • Analyzing essential energy (Colour Feng Shui)
  • Colour draping to customize your colour palette
  • Custom designed colour palette to take with you when you shop
  • Makeup application and suggestions
  • Before and After pictures
  • Follow up call via Zoom call


( After you’ve clicked on the link above, simply put ‘I want a colour analysis’ in the message with your contact information and I will get in touch with you.)

Why Wearing Your Best Colours is IMPORTANT
Cameron Dias who usually wears the right colours made a terrible mistake (she realized it after it was done) when she changed the colour of her hair. Her new hairdo and hair colour aged her 15 years. That’s the impact of colour!

Clear even skin tone, bright eyes and radiant hair color are all non-verbal signs of youth, good health, good grooming, and good genes. We all either consciously or unconsciously use these markers in our evaluation of people we see or meet. Fair or unfair, it is human nature to value these qualities in ourselves and others.

COLOUR is the most under-utilized and foolproof appearance enhancer men and women can use to improve how they look. Unlike plastic surgery, “miracle” serums, or expensive facial treatments the mindful choice of clothing and makeup COLOURS offers the ability to instantly improve the appearance of the complexion by means of simultaneous contrast – the reflection of colors worn near and on the face.

The colours that are ideal for you will optimally flatter your skin, hair, and eyes so you are seen in the most positive light. Your ‘best’ colours need to be more than flattering. They also need to feel authentic and comfortable on you. They need to communicate your personal ‘essence’. Call it your spirit, your personality, your values, or whatever your like. Your essence is what makes you YOU. Any colour that feels out of sync with your ‘essence’ has no place in your color story. This is what makes Essential Colours the most advanced personal color analysis system today.

The undeniable advantage of wearing your best COLOURS will change the way you look and feel. Guaranteed.

The Essential Colors™ method of arriving at your ideal color palette takes into account both:

  • Your personal coloring (eyes, skin, hair) at the current stage of your life
  • Your ‘Essential Energy’ (personality and core values)

to determine the best range of colors to:

  • optimally flatter your unique coloring
  • provide you with a foolproof coordinated wardrobe color plan
  • authenticate your Essential energy
  • utilize the ‘law of attraction’ to support your intentions

Who should have an Essential Colour analysis?

  • those who have never been color analyzed
  • those who were color analyzed more than 5 years ago
  • those who were color typed using a less refined 4-12 category color system
  • anyone who has not been completely pleased with colors they were given by a color consultant
  • those who have been analyzed differently by different consultants
  • those attracted to a holistic ‘spirit based’ lifestyle and beauty approach

Your physical coloring is a design theme that serves as the basis for your personal harmony.

Individually selected color swatches representing your unique personal color design can be used as a simple shopping guide for harmonious clothing and makeup OR they can be used to further customize your Essential Colors® Wardrobe Palette (see left)

Some examples of how to use your body colors to choose:

  • Earrings to call attention to your eye color
  • Shoes in a deeper tone of your skin color ~ they’ll go with everything you wear
  • A suit or coat that is a gorgeous extension of your hair color
  • The ideal red tones for lipsticks, blushers and nail colors
  • An accurate representation of your skin coloring to use for selecting face makeup like foundation, powder, or concealer.


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