Saturday, February 27th, 2021


Body Shape and Style

Body Shape Style Session -$97.00 CAD


Body Shape Session



We come in all shapes and sizes, and so do clothes. Have you ever seen an outfit that looked okay on one person and that same outfit looked fantastic on someone else? When I discovered this 35+ years ago I looked at clothing in a whole different light.

When a body shape and a garment shape match it looks FABULOUS!

If you’d like help figuring out YOUR body shape and the styles that suit YOU,  book a body shape style session.

Wardrobe audit

Body Shape Session

Wardrobe Makeover – Closet Audit $297

What does your closet mean to you? Is a place that causes you endless frustration or a place you love to visit that contains beautiful clothes you love?  If your closet isn’t a reflection of how you want to be seen, then let’s talk about a closet transformation… continue reading

Colour Analysis












Body Shape Session


Colour Analysis   $179

Colour is the most under-utilized and foolproof appearance enhancer men and women can use to improve how they look. Unlike plastic surgery, “miracle” serums, or expensive facial treatments the mindful choice of clothing and makeup COLOURS offers the ability to instantly improve the appearance of the complexion by means of simultaneous contrast – the reflection of colours worn near and on the face. Learn more

The INStyle Image Exclusive 

6 – month program is for you, if you’ve been yearning for a complete image makeover, you’re ready and don’t want to wait any longer. You’ve been settling too long with an image that isn’t getting you what you want.  You want to start working on your image now, to look better, feel better and get the results you want – you don’t want to lose any more precious time. Find out more here.