Saturday, February 27th, 2021

IN Style Image Exclusive – Virtual Image Coaching

6 – month Virtual Coaching Program

The Style Image Exclusive program for you, if you’ve been yearning for a complete image makeover, you’re ready and don’t want to wait any longer. You’ve been settling too long with an image that isn’t getting you what you want.  You want to start working on your image now, to look better, feel better and get the results you want – you don’t want to lose any more precious time.

Women who choose the Style Exclusive program:

  • Are highly motivated to update their appearance, behaviour, communication and mindset
  • Know that their wardrobe doesn’t not accurately reflect their business brand
  • They’re an entrepreneur, a speaker, or a business leader but their end goal is to be charismatic
  • They want to move up in their career and want their appearance to reflect their skills and qualifications
  • They are ready to get into the dating world and want to look appealing
  • They’ve lost or gained weight and feel unhappy with their current wardrobe
  • They don’t have time to spend experimenting or money to waste on buying makeup, accessories or clothes that just don’t work
  • They want beauty strategies that make a measureable difference and easily fit into their routine
  • Whatever the reason (and it could be something other than those listed) taking the time to explore style possibilities with expert guidance makes all the difference.

***All of these don’t have to apply



  • Style Analysis – Discover your personal essence, explore styles, designs, colours, fabrics, details to help you understand what works, what doesn’t and why
  • Body Type Analysis – Understanding your body type and measurements to get the best fit
  • Colour Analysis – Choose colours that are ideal for you and will optimally flatter your skin, hair and eyes so you are seen in the most positive light.
  • Makeup and skin care assessment/instruction – You will learn how to take great care of your skin and how to apply makeup to bring out your best features
  • Closet/Wardrobe Consultation – Evaluate what you have, create a shopping list
  • Create a mix & match wardrobe – you will redesign your wardrobe to add function and ease in dressing by creating mix and match pieces
  • Accessorizing – You will learn how to accessorize to create pizzazz in your outfits
  • Create a customized shopping plan – make shopping easier with a personal shopping plan – shoes, jewelry, foundation pieces – we will determine our plan together
  • Guidance in online shopping
  • A hair makeover – recommendations on best hairstyle and hair colour


  • Confident body language – how to walk into any room feeling confident and poised
  • Networking and social gatherings – how to be comfortable working a room, making introductions, handshakes, etc.
  • Leadership skills – Creating credibility and influence


  • Creating Presence
  • Radiating Warmth
  • Elements of Personal Power