Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

Sheila’s Story


Becoming a Great Dresser is Possible

As far back as I can remember I’ve been in love with makeup and fashion. My first memory of beauty products was the AVON lady bringing them to my mother when I was about 5 years old – I just loved her samples. Can you imagine lipstick on that face? 🙂  Even though I liked makeup and fashion I was not born with the knowledge of how to apply makeup or how to dress well.  In my teen years I really struggled. I was applying my makeup so, so wrong. Not unlike many of the teens I see today- my focus was only on eye makeup. I forgot the rest. You can imagine how that looked. My knowledge about fashion wasn’t much different. It seemed I always so excited to buy the latest fad, but I soon became frustrated when I couldn’t incorporate it into my wardrobe.

I remember a pair of white shiny boots I bought – this was the early seventies. They looked great but I really didn’t have anything to wear with them.  It was very frustrating and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.

Things changed for me when I graduated from high school went to post-secondary school.  I had a teacher who was always impeccably dressed and she inspired me to learn to dress better. It was then that I made the decision to dress well and have fun doing it.  It didn’t happen overnight; I was still fumbling through bad clothing purchases that were costing me money and not improving my image. I was also still wearing lots of eye makeup. It was not until I enrolled in dressmaking school that I learned about body shapes, fabric, design and how to construct garments to enhance any body shape.  Here I am wearing a one of the first dresses I made. I still wasn’t getting color right.  From there I went on to do fashion merchandising courses and did a lot of self-study.  I was just so interested that I read about fashion for fun.

A few years later ( this is me with poofed hair. 🙁 I was introduced to Mary Kay cosmetics and was thrilled when presented with the opportunity of being a beauty consultant. I quickly signed up. During that time I was taught all about proper skin care and how to wear makeup. I really loved teaching others how to take care of their skin. I decided to put makeup and fashion together and do ‘How to Dress for Work” presentations.  Later, I started my career online helping women dress well virtually.

Getting my colors right in 1991

My road to fashion has taken a few years, and has been fun. Now I get to help women learn how to: find their signature style, have a wardrobe that works, dress effortlessly, have fun shopping (contrary to popular belief  that many women love to shop) and get more out of life because they feel more confident.

Why am I telling you “My Story”? Because being well dressed is within your reach. If I can do it, you can too (and in not nearly as long a time). If you’ve given up on finding your perfect look, feeling good in what you’re wearing, and confident that you can choose styles that are best for you, I’m here to help. I love inspiring women in finding their signature style and watching them revel in the joy and enthusiasm that comes with it.

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Yours in Style & Fashion,