Monday, January 18th, 2021

5 Style Mistakes|Over 50

  1. Stuck in a Style Rut:

You know you’r in a style rut if you’re always wearing the same outfit. No matter where you go, dinner, shopping, travel, your outfit never changes. For some this means, they are still wearing the same outfit they wore five or ten years ago.

The reason for being in a style rut varies, but it usually stems from not knowing which styles to choose (why would you know, we aren’t taught), and then being too afraid to step out of a comfort zone because of what others will think.


2. Clothes That Don’t Suit Your Body Shape

Since we are all unique, and we have different proportions – vertical and horizontal, it’s important to choose styles that are in sync with our shape in order to bring out our best assets and look our best.

To look great, clothes work with the body to create symmetry – the top and bottom should be in balance. For example, a person with a triangle body shape ( where most of her body weight is at the bottom) wears styles that make her bottom half look wider, she is more out of balance. If instead she wore styles to make the bottom look smaller and top look wider, her body would be in balance.

3. Wearing Shapeless Sweaters

Clothes that have shape, create a more streamlined look. Shapeless sweaters in particular, create a frumpy look. Simply switching the bulky sweater for a thiner one will make a lot of difference.

4. Wearing the Wrong Colours or No Colour

Wearing your best colours is the first thing to do to look great. Flattering colours worn against your skin makes you eyes sparkle, your skin glow, and your hair shine.

Black, beige and grey are neutrals and are best worn as a base for your outfit.

5. Bulky Shoes

Shoes can make or break your outfit. They have the ability to make your legs look longer or shorter, your feet and ankles look bigger or smaller and they can make you look taller, shorter, pulled-together- or frumpy. Oh yes, they are important.