Saturday, February 27th, 2021

Dress to Focus on Your Assets

When you shop do you judge your body? Hmmmm… do you? Do you have a particular body part you like more than others? Is there any part of your body you absolutely love?

Or are you thinking; now Sheila, you’ve gone out on a limb – I’m more concerned about hiding my body parts? I say, “What if, you were aware of ALL your physical assets, felt really good about them AND knew how to bring them out, wouldn’t that be freeing?” I believe that everyone has physical assets – lots! It’s just a matter of naming and claiming them.

Here are just a few assets you might have and how to make them shine:











Lovely Legs:

 1. Wear the black/red print skirt an inch or two above the knee to show the most shapely part of your legs. Wear shoes with a low vamp to extend the legs.

2. An ankle length skirt with a side slit is better for those who aren’t comfortable in skirts above the knee but want to show a glimpse of their lovely legs.

3. This skirt is for the gal who also wants to accentuate her waist as well as her legs. This shape skirt is best worn at the knee and gives lots of room for movement.












Beautiful Shoulders: 

Show off your shoulders with strapless and off- the shoulder tops and dresses. If you live in a warm climate you can do this all year but in a cooler climate take advantage of every chance you get. A deep V will also bring attention to your shoulders, i.e. the blue print and the orange dress.










Wonderful Hips:

If your hips are your chosen body part, bring attention to them with belts. Wear an attention getting belt with your jeans or a chain belt over your tops and with a skirt. Don’t forget great fitting jeans and the flattering cut of a wrap skirt.

What other assets are you hiding? Do you have lovely skin, a defined back, beautiful eyes, elegant hands, luscious hair? The list is a long as the number of body parts.  Start today by focusing on what you like ( you probably will find more to like than you think) and you’ll feel much better.