Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

How to Dress to Suit Curvaceous Hips

If you’re like most women off-the-rack clothes don’t fit you as well as you’d like. Designers don’t design clothes to fit the average woman who happens size 12 and not size 0. Since this is what all women have to  work with wouldn’t it be nice to know how to choose the best styles and dress to suit our curves?

How to Dress to Suit Large Hips:  The most common question I hear from women who have large hips is “How do I make my hips appear slimmer?” Since women who have large hips usually have large thighs the styles I will suggest are slimming for both hips and thighs.

Wear Jeans, Pants and Skirts in Dark Colours: Dark recedes and light expands so wearing darker colour  pants and skirts will make your hips appear slimmer. Choose jeans in boot cut and pants in a wide leg.

Wear Jackets That Fall Below the Hip: Jackets that end above or at the hip create a horizontal line that gives the illusion of width. Keep jackets below the hip. Jackets and bottoms of the same colour create a slimming look.

Wear Prints on Top: Prints attract attention and bring the eye upward.


  • Baggy clothes – they will make you appear larger.
  • Coats without structure and a drawstring bottom.
  • Print pants and skirts