Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

You’re Stepping Up. Is Your Image Keeping Pace?

Lately I’ve been meeting women whose lives are in transition.  They have either changed careers, started a new business or are creating more momentum in their businesses; they’re seeking a new love relationship or they’ve started a new job. In all of those instances they’re stepping up and life is changing.

When we move forward we leave some of the old behind and replace it with new. Some of what we leave behind are old are beliefs, ideas and circumstances or it could be a home or a city. In order to step up, things change and we change.

Changes we make on the inside are visible in how we interact and how we show up. If you’re making those changes on the inside and throughout your life and plan to show up big; it’s imperative your image is consistent with the new you.

You’ve decided it’s time, you’ve made changes, you’re committed, now what? How do you know if you need to change your ‘look’?

You’ll know because you’ll have a nagging feeling that something isn’t right. You’re unsure of how to put outfits together and you don’t put much time into choosing the right outfit because it’s too draining and frustrating. You find yourself hiding in old reliables (which aren’t reliable anymore) and to change how you dress feels like a big task. Our clothes speak – they say who we are. If you don’t like what you’re clothes are saying, it’s time for a change.

Here are a few actions you can take to move toward creating a wardrobe you love – the ultimate goal.

  1. Get clear on the image you want to project. Ask yourself where you spend most of your time. How do you want to feel in your clothes? How can they be inspiring?
  2. Decide which type of wardrobe do you need – casual, business or is it a mix? What clothing styles do you feel most comfortable wearing?
  3. Choose styles that look best on you? Which styles of pants, tops and skirts are most flattering for your body shape and how do you put them together to create a symmetrical look?
  4. Choose colours that bring out your radiance and mix and match well. You’ll want to decrease the number of black pieces you have.
  5. Buy accessories that are in harmony with your skin tone, body shape and face shape.
  6. Create a look that is harmonious. If it’s classic, then classic head to toe. For example, when you mix looks it creates a mismatch – there’s beauty in harmony.
  7. Get rid of a clutter in your closet. A cluttered closet makes it difficult to dress and it drains your energy. Just look at the pictures and notice the feeling from each closet. Amazing, isn’t it?

When you reach your goal of having a wardrobe that accurately reflects who you are, your inner beauty and the message you want to send to the world you’ll get dressed easier and you’ll actually like it. You’ll like it because you’ll feel good in what you wear and you’ll attract more of what you want (more money, more clients, better job, new partner) because people are attracted to authenticity.

If this is something you’re committed to but would like support Start Here   I will help you with your next step.