Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

What to Wear to Christmas Parties

Do you love parties? Do you love dressing up? What hear from many women is they love parties but dressing for them can be a little frustrating.   Does this sound familiar?

  • I am never sure of what to wear so after an hour or so spent in front of my closet I choose something – I don’t love it but – it’s okay.
  • I just looked at my party clothes after a year only to find out now they don’t fit.
  • I don’t have party clothes so I’ve decided to shop for something new, so I put it off because  – I don’t know where to begin! There are so many things to consider, it’s overwhelming!

There’s a simple way to decide what to wear to holiday parties – start with the party type. Is it an office party, a dinner party, a dance party or a combination?


The Office Party

If you are leaving the office to attend the party the easiest way to dress for this is to wear styles that can transition easily.

Step 1:  Dress for the office: A plain dress (any colour) and top it off with a jacket or sweater. Or A plain top with dress pants and a jacket.

Step 2: Make it evening: Using the same foundation pieces: dress, sweater /pants, top and jacket add accessories to change the look from day to evening.

A Dinner Party

Materials that create a festive feel are: Sequins,  chiffon, faux fur, velour, velvet.



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Evening/ Dance Parties


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