Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Why Should You Rev Up Your Charisma?

Marie-Forlio charismaJust wondering…. when you hear the word charismatic’, who comes to mind? Is it a celebrity? A politician? Or, is it an acquaintance or friend?

Your definition of charisma – who you see as having it – will determine whether or not it’s something you might want. This is how it goes: If your idea of a charismatic person is a celebrity or someone in public office and you don’t want to be a celebrity or in public view, then you’ll think you don’t need it.

However, you might want a better job, a new career, more friends, better relationships or a more prosperous business. In which case, you will need charisma because it’s what will help you get all of these.

How is this?

Close your eyes and imagine you’re watching a person walking into a room. That person is poised, has great posture and walks with a confident stride, they look pleasant and inviting. They are making eye contact with people and people are smiling. Their clothes fit perfectly. Everything just seems to work – hair, clothes, makeup and personality.

This person could be anyone and doesn’t have to be someone in public view. However, it is someone who has charismatic qualities. Those qualities might have been learned and nurtured from childhood or developed later. The thing is, charisma is not something you’re born with, it’s something you learn and choose to have.

A charismatic quality such as confidence (confidence in yourself – who you are and your capabilities) gives you the personal power to set goals and reach them; to talk to people and feel good; to be genuinely interested in others and have a calm confidence because you know who you are and you don’t worry about the opinions of others.

The first experience I had of a charismatic personality was when I was 14 years old. I went to summer camp where I met Paula. I instantly wanted to be friends with her and I noticed that everyone else did too. What did she have? – Nothing that the others didn’t. She wasn’t prettier, smarter, or passing out candies. 🙂 I was curious and wondered what her special quality was. I didn’t know it then  (that it was a charismatic quality) but she had one special charismatic trait – she made everyone feel special.

Charismatic qualities are like a magnetic that draws others to us. When those qualities are developed we’re happy, communicate well, have great relationships and attract what we want.

Isn’t that reason enough to REV UP YOUR CHARISMA?