Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

Wardrobe Tips for Amazing Style

wardrobe tips for amazing styleWhat is style and do you know yours? Having style and being stylish is knowing which styles of clothing (shape of the garment) look best on your body type and knowing your particular style (the type of clothing that fits your personality – your style code).

Knowing your style and having the courage to wear it is liberating. Yes, liberating. Why? Because when you dress to suit your personality you love everything you wear and loving what you wear is fun. Also, when you know the shapes that look great on you – guess what? You save time and money.

Here are some tips for an amazing style:



1. Body image: To have great style you must like your body. Body image is a huge issue with many women. Are you one of those women who are waiting to lose weight before you update your wardrobe? Don’t wait to lose a few pounds or change the shape or size of a particular body part before you update your wardrobe. Start right now to bring out your best features by wearing flattering styles (and yes, there are styles that will flatter you) so you feel more attractive.  Making a list of what you like about your body and being appreciative of how your body helps you is another great place to start loving your body. And, don’t talk negatively about your body – focus on your assets. When you feel good about yourself, others will notice and you will attract more of what you want. Stop hiding behind baggy clothes and dark, drab colours and show the real beautiful you.

2. Quality Clothing: You only look as good as your clothing. Before you spend another cent on a piece of clothing make sure it looks great on you and is quality. Two wardrobe mistakes women make are buying cheap clothing because they can get more of it and buying an item because it’s an excellent deal. It’s not a deal if it isn’t perfect and fits your wardrobe – it’s just fattening your closet. This is not to say that you shouldn’t buy clothes on sale. If it is an item that fits into your wardrobe, is the right colour, the perfect fit and you would buy it at regular price then it’s a good choice.

3. Wearing Black: Don’t get into the habit of buying everything in black because you think black is slimming. If you do, you will end up with a boring wardrobe and you will have to depend on your accessories to keep your look alive – and that won’t work. If your wardrobe is mostly black now try bringing in a few light and bright colours. After you do that you can then add different neutrals such as navy and brown. When you add colour (especially colours that look great on you) not only will you feel better, others will view you differently.

 4. The Right Fit: There is nothing that will ruin your day and your look more than wearing ill-fitting clothes and shoes. Pants that are too tight will make you look larger. Skirts that are too short will make moving difficult. Jackets, blouses, tops and sweaters that are too tight look unprofessional. Shoes that are too high will not only be uncomfortable but will make walking awkward. The right fit is very important when you want to stand out from the crowd and have a polished look.