Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

7 Ways to Love Your Body

Love your bodyLooking and feeling FABULOUS is not really that difficult if you, learn how to dress, get guidance and practice what you learn.

So, if this is true why aren’t more women looking good and feeling great?

Hmmmm…..What I’ve discovered is that many don’t believe they deserve to look great, they don’t think it’s possible (they have too many figure flaws) or they don’t want to make changes because their ‘friends’ and family will ridicule them; oh yes, and they might stand out.

What happens is they never feel good about how they look and they hold themselves back. The drawback of thinking you’re second best (even if it’s subconscious) is you will attract second best results. If you’re looking for clients, a job, a promotion or a mate – imagine the impact!

The very first decision to make when creating a wardrobe and a style you love – is the decision to love your body. Too many women are self-critical. And it’s easy to see why when you look at all the messages we get of not being good enough.

Here are 7 steps to get you started loving your body:

1.  Talk about your body in positive terms – if you can’t use positive language (yet) don’t criticize. Just being aware of your words make a difference – they are creative. Begin to appreciate your body and what it does for you. The idea of beauty at any time is constructed by society and/or the media. Why let someone else tell you you’re not good enough and control how you feel? Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and ages.

2.  Focus on what you like. Make a list (even if it’s mental) of the body parts you love. Close your eyes and focus. This might be difficult if you’ve never thought of it but hang in there, it’ll get easier. Maybe you have elegant hands, pretty feet, shapely legs or nice skin. Create positive affirmations about your body.

3.  Change your focus. Don’t rely on scales or formulas to determine your ideal body weight. Instead, take care of your body by eating the best food (free of excess fat and sugar) and exercising regularly. Your body will naturally go to its ideal weight. Constant dieting is harmful to your body and is sending the message that you aren’t good enough (which isn’t true).

4.  Treat yourself with respect. A great place to start is with your body. Begin by eating well and taking care of your body – get a pedicure, a massage etc. Surround yourself with people who value and are kind to you. Be kind to yourself, don’t over work, over promise or over extend.

5.  Don’t compare. Comparing yourself to others is disastrous to your self-esteem. Any kind of comparison whether it is looks, money, prestige etc. will most likely leave you on the losing end. Change your thinking. If someone has something you would like set a goal to work towards it. Find out how they did it.

6.  Take time for yourself. Set aside a time for reflection and a time to rejuvenate, especially if you are really busy and have many people tugging at you for attention. Find activities that you enjoy and participate. Maybe it’s as simple as reading a book, cooking a favorite meal, taking a walk, or it could mean a trip away for the weekend with that special somebody. Whatever it is that pleases you indulge yourself on a regular basis.

7.  Create a signature style – a style especially for you. It’s only when you have given yourself full attention and have embraced your body as it is that you will be able to move on to creating a signature style that you will love and feel good wearing. What I like about a signature look is that it projects individuality. You get the chance to decide what is good for you – styles you love, what feels comfortable, fits your lifestyle and is in your best colours.