Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

3 Ways to Boost Your Charisma and Business Success

Boost Your Charisma and Business Success - Ali Brown

Ali Brown

One way to create personal and business success is to step out of your comfort zone and increase your level of charisma. Yes, charisma is not something you’re born with, it’s learned. Being charismatic is the key to a more rewarding personal and professional life because it makes you more likeable, credible and trustworthy. Charismatic people are seen as leaders – people want to follow them and adopt their ideas.

A charismatic person radiates a level of positivity that makes people feel good in their presence and creates a lasting impression. Don’t you love being around people who make you feel better?

Ali Brown (featured image) is a woman embodies all of the characteristics of a charismatic leader. I remember her when she first started in business  around 2004. I believe her success is due not only a great business sense but her charismatic nature.

So, how do you become more charismatic?

  1. Every time you interact with someone you have an opportunity to enhance your charisma simply by being present. Being present means truly listening to the person you’re with instead of thinking about what you’re going to say next, looking around the room or checking your phone. Charismatic people focus on the other person and aren’t looking for an opportunity to impress. They are not prejudiced by social status or position and are genuinely interested in what you have to say and see everyone as equally important. After interacting with a charismatic person you leave feeling important and special.
  1. Charismatic people are self-confident which means they feel good about who they are – they like themselves, what they do and how they look – they don’t feel the need to impress or seek attention. With self-confidence comes positive body language – good posture, eye contact and positive gestures. Charismatic people have great posture and body language. They stand tall and walk with determined strides. You can build self- confidence by actively taking note of your good qualities, being passionate about what you do, dressing to stand out and get noticed in style and taking care of your body and your health.
  1. Creating a feeling of warmth is an attribute of being charismatic. Charismatic people are optimist and see the best in others. Their enthusiastic personality and genuine smile create a feeling of warmth that is contagious and people want to be around. It’s difficult to create a feeling of warmth if you don’t feel it, but warmth can be cultivated. Two quick ways to begin are to relax and use open body posture such as keeping your arms uncrossed and keeping objects (such as desks) from coming between you. The second way is to make eye contact and smile.


Building your charisma is a very important success tool no matter what your goal in life because it allows you to command a room, draw others to you and get your ideas adopted.