Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Is Your Image Sending the Message You Think It Is?


show up powerfully Do you know what message your image is sending? Is the message an accurate representation of who you are? Is it important that your image send the right message? Yes, it is and here’s why: Before we open our mouths to speak we have sent a message. The message is important if we want something. It might be that we want a new job, a soul mate, clients, attention, credibility, quicker service, etc. We always want something and it’s our image that can make or break what we get and how quickly we get it.


I’m assuming you don’t want your image to hold you back and you want to get to your goals as soon as possible. To help you do that I’ve put together a few questions so you’ll have an idea of where to begin.

  1. Do you regularly put outfits together to get the most from your wardrobe? Are you able to make lots of outfits from just a few items?
  2. Are you choosing styles that create symmetry with your body shape so that everything fits perfectly, is in proportion and looks fabulous?
  3. It is easy for you to mix and match colours and prints so they are eye-catching rather than gaudy?
  4. Can you choose the right accessories – accessories that match your skin colour, body type, occasion and outfit?
  5. Are you able to get dressed in 10 minutes or less, choosing the perfect outfit? And do you have the perfect outfit for every occasion?
  6. Do you know how to apply your makeup expertly?
  7. Do you know what messages your body language is sending
  8. How is your business and social etiquette?
  9. How comfortable are you meeting new people?
  10. Are you at ease in all situations?


These are just a few examples. The thing is, dressing and our behaviour is something we’ve been doing everyday, all of our lives, and it’s so commonplace that we don’t give ‘how well we do it’ much thought. Your image is your billboard. It’s sending a message about you. Is the message you want to send?

If you wanted to find out exactly what message your image is sending who would you turn to – your friends, the store’s sales person, your co-workers, or your partner? The question is, if you asked and they gave you feedback, would they be telling you the truth? Do they know the truth?

For the important things in your life you go to people you trust. For example, you go to a financial advisor your investments, a doctor for your illnesses, a business coach for your business, or a contractor to build your house? Why is your image any different?

Your image isn’t different, in the sense that you’re not going to get the ‘right’ guidance, as you won’t get the right guidance if you don’t go to experts.

The point is this: No matter who you are, there is always room for improvement in your image. Your image is very important because it has the ability to bring into your life what you want. Your image affects your confidence and it affects your results.

So, would I insult you if I offered you help with your image? I hope not.

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