Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

How to Instantly Improve Your Image and Create a Positive Impression


how to dressWe all have to dress, and how we dress affects how others see us – how we dress creates an instant impression of who we are. Whether it’s fair or not, we make judgements the instant we meet someone and assumptions are also made about us. Those assumptions are  based on how we look, how we’re dressed and our body language.

Since that’s the case we don’t have a choice of whether or not we create an impression – we just do. We do, however, have a choice of the impression we make.  The thing is, not everyone cares about the impression they create, (which means they don’t have room to complain when they get over-looked) while others care a lot and some don’t know they’re creating an impression.

For those who lack self-confidence the clothing they choose or their personal style will be based more on current trends or how much they want to hide – usually the latter. What I’ve noticed is that many women hide behind clothes. They wear the latest trends, clothes that are too big, or clothes that blend in (a lot of black is a great example). Confident women, on the other hand, feel good about themselves and are more likely to choose clothing styles that are in harmony with who they are. They don’t worry about what other people think.

No matter how confident you are, when you’re dressed your best and in a way you love, you feel better.

I’ve seen the difference in how a person feels after they’ve improved their personal style. They feel more confident in how they look and they feel better when they interact with others. They love soaking up compliments and they have pep in their step.

3 Ways to Create a Positive Impression

Create harmony between:

  1. Who you are and your personal appearance: Get clear about what you want, what you value and how you want to be seen. Create a wardrobe that is in alignment with the real you. You’ll know when you’ve achieved this because you will always feel you’ve chosen the perfect outfit for the occasion, you will feel very comfortable and you will get compliments not just occasionally – often.
  2. You and your behaviour: Behave in a way that makes you feel good about yourself. Accept responsibility for your choices and have an attitude of acceptance – people, situations and ideas.
  3. You and your body language: Our body language is always talking and it  tells others a lot about us. Pay attention to your body language – stand tall, sit straight, use open body language (i.e. arms open rather than closed), and smile.

3 Styles That Will Give Your Image An Instant Boost

Styles from  the Carlisle Collection

How to Improve Your Image   A Jacket: When you want to look more professional, slide on a jacket for instant authority. Choose a style that is in harmony with your body type, in a colour that looks great on you and matches the rest of your outfit.


How to Improve Your Image -




A Sheath Dress: Great for most body types is a quick way to improve your look with very little work – there isn’t much matching involved. Choose this dress style in a flattering colour and add a jacket to instantly give it more appeal.

A Pencil Skirt: A skirt creates instant appeal  and the pencil skirt is flattering for most body types. Black is the neutral that will give you the most options

How to dress