Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Have You Received Any Compliments Lately?

Have you received any compliments lately?Are people commenting on how great you look? They might say you look happy, refreshed or they might say you glow. It could be any type of compliment about your image – inside or out. Or, they might compliment you on your overall look. When who you are is in alignment with your image (what your body –the visual- and your energy are saying about you) people notice. When people notice that you are showing up in a positive way – one that aligns with the real you, you are on your way to attracting abundance into your life.


Most of us live our life in a daze when it comes to our image until something pops up and begs us to listen. I’ll tell you how it happened for me. If you’ve been following me for any time you know that I love style and I teach women how to find a style that resonates with them. I’ve always had a love of clothes and dressing up but had to learn how to do it – most of us aren’t taught how to dress well and in a way we love. When I had that conquered I thought my job was done. I didn’t know that there is so much more to image than knowing your best colours and how to put styles together. I was missing the main ingredient to having a glow. It was the inside beauty.


Yes, I had inside beauty but I wasn’t bringing it out. It’s in the bringing out of it that we flourish. I had not been tuned in to my authentic self and I was not letting it reflect in my image. So, you might say I was only halfway there. As I said earlier, if we are in a daze regarding our image (or anything that isn’t working in our lives) we get little reminders from the universe that come up and beg us to listen. Those reminders are usually in the form of life not working the way we planned.


My reminders were in my relationships – they weren’t working. I wanted to feel joy and it wasn’t happening because I was always feeling some kind of turmoil. I had a choice of blaming my discomfort on someone else or finding out what was really going on. After all, the only person I could change was me. Shifting blame just keeps problems alive and well. I started looking within for answers and everything changed. What I’ve learned is that when something in our lives needs to be changed the universe will let us know by how we feel.


There is more to image that what we see on the outside. It’s the combination of our outer appearance and how we feel about ourselves that comes together to create what people see and intuit about us. In my case, I had the outer worked out and needed to align the inner. However, sometimes what’s going on inside might stop us from improving our outside image – how we look. Let me tell you about Kelly (not her real name) who thought that dressing well meant being self-absorbed. She was very proud of the fact that she would wear anything, and she was quick (and somewhat proud) to say she wasn’t particular about what she wore – i.e., nothing had to match. In saying this she wanted to let everyone know that she wasn’t self- absorbed.


On it’s own this type of comment might mean that she is a person who just doesn’t care. However, she did care. She wanted to look her best. It was that she had subconscious beliefs that told her, that to care about appearance equaled being self-centered.

These beliefs were keeping her stuck. As she said, she didn’t put any effort into how she dressed. She looked 15 years older and because of it she was attracting people and circumstances into her life that were holding her back.


How do you know if you have beliefs that are holding you back? One way is to listen to what you hear yourself say. For example, Kelly said with disgust, when speaking of a colleague she didn’t like who went to another job, “ I bet she’s dressing up every day there”. What she meant was this person is self-absorbed and because of that she will be well dressed and showing off.


Like Kelly, when you look at your results and find you don’t like them, it’s time to make changes. She did. Don’t you want to look in the mirror and like what you see on the outside? Don’t you want to look in the mirror and see the joy? It all starts with paying attention and taking action. You’ll know it’s working when people start to notice – in the form of compliments.


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