Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

7 Ways to Look More Attractive




When I talk to women about their  image I usually ask them how they’d like to look or be seen and I’m always surprised by how many say “pretty”. As other words, the word “pretty” means different things to different people.
What does it mean to you and how would you like to be seen? Whether it’s sexy, attractive, pretty, cute, gorgeous, lovely, dazzling, etc. you first have to decide which one you like and then how that looks.

No matter which descriptor you like best here are some suggestions to bring out the best you.

  1. Wear Clothes You Love: Don’t be a slave to fashion trends. Develop your own style and only wear clothes you absolutely love. If you like a particular fashion trend make sure you know how to wear it and it suits your body type. For example, if you love cowl neck sweaters but you have a short neck, large face and a large bust, it’s better to opt for V-neck instead.
  1. Wear Great Underwear: Don’t be afraid to be ‘caught in your underwear’. Make sure whatever you choose is flattering and fits well. If you want to feel sexy, wear sexy underwear. It ‘s amazing. Try it!
  1. Accentuate Your Assets: Everyone has assets. Maybe you haven’t been looking for yours. If you give it some attention you will find the qualities that make you attractive and unique. If you have nice legs choose skirts, boots and leg wear to show them off. If you have a trim waistline invest in classy belts. If you have sensual lips indulge in new lip colors. You get the picture.
  1. Dress for The Body You Have Now: Don’t wait until you lose weight to buy nice clothes. No matter what your body type there are styles that will enhance your present look.
  1. Don’t Leave Your Good Clothes in the Closet: There is never a better time than the present to wear the good clothes that you have. Wear your best jacket to a hockey game or your newest top with your jeans when you pick up your kiddies at school. Choose to feel good now; don’t wait for a special occasion.
  1. Get a chic hairstyle: You will feel oh so much more beautiful if you have a stylish hairstyle. It will bring your self-confidence up several notches. Trust me!
  1. Wear Makeup: You don’t have to wear a lot of makeup to feel better, just lipstick and mascara can do the job.


What’s the word that describes or you’d like to describe you. Leave you comment below.