Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

7 End of Season Shopping Tips To Build Your Wardrobe and Increase Your Energy

Shopping TipsThe summer season is coming to a close and it’s the perfect time to add to your summer wardrobe and not spend a lot. Why? There a summer sales galore – yeah you knew. Retailers want to get rid of their summer inventories to make room for new. While you might be tired of summer clothes and be anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new fall line, think ahead – this is the perfect time to purchase a few items for next summer and save tons.

If you follow the following guidelines you will get really great deals and add to your wardrobe and your look. You don’t want to purchase more clothes to clutter your closet; instead add wardrobe staples.


1. Start your clothes shopping like you would shop for groceries – with a list. Take inventory of what you have in your closet and decide which new items will expand your wardrobe. Whatever you buy should match at least 3 other wardrobe pieces.






fad2. To get more for less, buy timeless basics and stay away from fads. For example, a skirt with layers of frills may be in style this season but be totally wrong for any season after. It will end up sitting in your closet and be on your “bad purchase” list and drain your energy.



toosmalll3. Make sure everything you buy  fits properly and looks as good as your best clothing item. Make sure you can move in it.


4. Try on everything before you buy and make sure it feels comfortable. If it rides up, itches, is too tight or can only be worn on special occasions then it is not a good purchase.
5. Do not buy items at a discount if it is not something that you would want to buy at regular price. It’s not a great deal if it doesn’t fit your existing wardrobe and will end up at the back of your closet.


6. Before you purchase items in duplicate, i.e. another black sweater – fill the gaps in your closet. For example, maybe you need a new light jacket, (this is a great time to get it at a good price) a white skirt or white T-shirts (white T-shirts seldom look great for more than one season).
7. Shop for what you need keeping quality in mind. Before buying take into consideration washing instructions. If you have to spend a lot on dry cleaning then your bargain is no longer a bargain. If you are afraid to wash it maybe it is best left in the store and if it has cheap workmanship don’t buy it. Look for high quality at a lower price.

If the thought of buying more clothes and filling an already over-stuffed closet is draining your energy, first get your closet under control by doing the 7 Day Closet Declutter Challenge.