Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

How Is Your Self- Image Affecting Your Personal Power?



personal powerWhy should you care about personal power and what is it anyway? The word power usually conjures up ideas of force and aggression. Real personal power has nothing to do with being forceful. Quite the contrary, it is an inner power. It means being yourself without being afraid of what others will think or say – being the real you. This is a place I believe most people want to be because it’s where they are most comfortable. It’s much easier to be ourselves than to be what others expect us to be. However, fear of not being liked stops many people from being real. They act differently with each person they meet and they do things they don’t want to do. Being afraid to be real causes stress in new situations and leaves us afraid to try new things. Ultimately, it destroys our personal power.


When you are living in your personal power you know what you want and you actively seek it. You are not afraid to step out of your comfort zone and are not afraid to fail. You speak your truth and it’s the ‘what you see is what you get’. When you live from a place of personal power you feel good, you’re happy and you attract what you want.


So what does your self-image have to do with it? Everything! What we believe about ourselves determines how we act and our action determines our results. Belief = Action = Results. So, if you find yourself in bad relationships, personal drama and financial chaos it’s time to take a look at your beliefs about you – your self -image.


If you believe you are inferior, unattractive or inadequate you will take action that corresponds to those beliefs. For example, if you believe you are inferior you might be afraid to speak your truth and have a habit of saying yes when you mean no. Saying yes when you really mean no creates inner stress, blame and personal drama. This is a surefire way to lose personal power. Other ways you might be losing your power (or giving it away) are:


  • Helping others so much that you don’t have time for yourself
  • Not accepting compliments
  • Diminishing your abilities
  • Staying in a place of overwhelm


The way out of this is through awareness. First become aware of the ways you might be diminishing your personal power, then actively take steps to stop it. Some ways you might do this are:


  • Decide what you want – if you’re in the habit of living for others this will feel new. Meditation and journaling will work to get your thoughts moving
  • Start acknowledging your successes – make a list of everything you’ve accomplished and don’t pass them off as being nothing
  • Say no when you mean no – if you’re not used to doing this it might take practice. Start with small things.
  • Declutter your life – get rid of everything that isn’t serving you
  • Use acts of self-care – chase your dreams, ask for help, connect with special people, do something just for fun


Your personal power is affected in relation to the strength of your self-image. Creating a strong self- image will increase your personal power and you will see the effects of it in your life. Get started today and become aware of where your self-image might need a boost.