Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

7 Style Mistakes That Might Be Keeping You From a Promotion

Is how you’re dressing creating a positive or negative image?  Staying in your current position or moving up in your career has a lot to do with your credibility. How is credibility established? First by your competence and how well you do your job; and secondly by your image. You probably won’t lose your job because you have a poor image but you will be passed over for promotions. When you work for a company or for yourself (especially if you work directly with the public) you are a representation of the company’s image. Take a look at some of the ways you could be spoiling your image and your results:

1. A Closet That is Draining Your Energy:

If you have a closet that is over- stuffed and you only wear a small fraction of what you own, then you are making dressing well much more difficult than it needs to be.  Are you one of the women who, when she shops just fattens her closet? If you have garments that have been hanging in your closet for several months without being worn you could be fattening your closet. Learn how to build a wardrobe that works for you so that you can look great everyday.

2. Knowing How YOU Really Look:

If you don’t have or use a full-length mirror, then you may not know how you really look when you leave home. A full-length mirror is a must- have for a woman who wants to look her best and know how she looks from head-to-toe. If you rely on a mirror that only shows you from the waist up you are missing out on the full picture. It is the full view that will let you see if something is not right, out of proportion or will let you know you look great. You also need to be very objective of how you really look. When I sponsor events women always come up to me and talk about the importance of image. Then they usually proceed to comment on how poorly the women at that particular event are dressed.  Getting into a conversation about how others are dressed is not what I do. If you ever find yourself commenting on how others are dressed, take this as a time to self-reflect and objectively look at how you are showing up.

3. Looking Dowdy:

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothes or bury yourself in fashion magazines; however;  to be seen as competent you must look like you know your best styles and it’s important to keep your wardrobe current. If you wear clothes that were fashionable or trendy ten years ago you could be damaging your credibility.

4. Making Bad Clothing Choices:

When you are at work dress appropriately. The latest trends are not always appropriate for work. Keep see-through fabrics, glitter, short skirts, sleeveless tops, bare legs and revealing clothing for other occasions. Your wardrobe and your work environment must be in alignment to create credibility.

5. Wearing Unflattering Clothing:

You can look great no matter what size or shape you are. The trick is to wear styles that suit your body type, styles that fit well and styles that are in balance for your size and shape. Wearing clothes that don’t fit properly inadvertently brings unwanted, negative attention.

6. Wearing the Wrong Shoes:

Wearing the wrong shoes for your outfit – too casual, to heavy, to light, wrong style – will spoil your overall look instantly. Make sure your shoes suit the theme of your outfit.

7. Not Dressing Consistently: If you know how to dress well but only put your best foot forward on certain occasions, you are creating a bad impression. You might be seen as someone who doesn’t care, who isn’t organized, or who is lazy. When you dress well every day you are creating a consistently that will be attributed to other areas of your life.

Your appearance does impact your results. People make judgements instantly – before they know you. It doesn’t matter if it’s okay – we can’t control what people think. We can, however, make positive changes in  our image simply by putting some time into discovering what really works for us and bringing our wardrobe in alignment with who we really are.

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