Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

How Do You Know You’re Credible?

business successIt seems obvious that if you’re good at what you do, you are impeccable with your word and you give good service, then you will be seen as credible. Ah, ah it isn’t so, and here’s why. Credibility is built over the long term. It takes time for people to get to know you, your expertise and your character. It’s only those who have come to know you who will believe in your credibility.


Being credible is necessary if we want to move forward. The thing is we are always looking for more in life that depends on our credibility – more business, more contacts, a raise or a promotion. In those cases, those who we want to appreciate our credibility only have our word (which they can’t trust yet), our behaviour and our appearance.


So what if you want to create a good impression and appear credible but can’t wait for someone to get to know you and your reputation? Can you still show up as credible? Certainly. Building credibility can take a long time but it can also be done almost instantaneously.


With every word you say and every move you make you are either building your credibly or lack of it. People are not listening to who you say you are, they are listening to who you are being. They are also in tune with whether or not you look like the person you say you are. For example, Jane who is an interior decorator goes to a networking event. She is very open, enthusiastic and friendly but she is destroying her credibility. How? She tells people how great she is, how much she’s done, what she’s doing next and she’s not dressed appropriately. She’s wearing a loose fitting short cotton dress with a denim jacket and has bare legs. She doesn’t look like she knows anything about design. Would you trust your home decorating to a person who can’t get herself together?


Jane is just one example of many. Whatever your profession your prospective clients, bosses or love matches are reading who you are by your appearance, behaviour and communication. If you don’t appear to be the person you say you are you lack credibility.


What impression are you making? Are your words, actions and appearance saying what you want them to say?


No one will tell you that you aren’t credible and most people don’t consciously think of it anyway, but here are some ways it will show up:


  1. You get an incredulous or puzzled look when you tell people what you do. They are surprised when you say what you’ve accomplished.
  2. You are often overlooked for – jobs, promotions, dates, etc.
  3. You feel people are not listening when you speak. You’ve noticed that people have a far-away look in their eyes when you’re speaking. They cut the conversation short and they don’t ask questions.
  4. You feel you have to work hard to be noticed – and it’s not working.


Here are some ways to know that you are credible:


  1. People are not surprised to hear what you do or they’ll say, “You really fit your role.”
  2. You get compliments on your brand – the alignment is easy to see.
  3. You feel comfortable with people– there’s an ease.
  4. People want to work with you and want to be with you. They ask your advice.


How can you raise your credibility? Easy. Create an image that lets others know who you are, an image that is in alignment with the real you. Aside…this isn’t something you can fake.