Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Are You Giving Away Your Power?

There are many ways you can give away your power but the one I see most is maintaining a negative body image. Yes, you read it right. A negative body image drains energy and diminishes power. Do you really want to give your power away? I didn’t think so.


Having a negative body image is not your fault and you don’t have to keep it.   We learn to speak of our bodies negatively at a very young age – maybe around age 9, 10, or earlier. As children we sometimes overhear our mother complaining about her body – she’d like this to be bigger, that to be smaller or maybe she keeps saying she’s fat. These remarks don’t fall on deaf ears. Young girls are quick to model their mother’s behaviour and take on her beliefs. It’s no wonder then that when we look in the mirror at 12 or 13 we started hunting for ‘flaws’.


If you were lucky enough to not hear negative body remarks from your mother, your friends would have quickly informed you that your legs were a little too skinny or your derriere too wide. If that’s not enough you got further reinforcement that you were ‘not okay’ as soon as you picked up a magazine full of ‘perfect’ young girls in the latest fashions.


By the time we are 14 we are programmed to believe that we are not beautiful because we have some body parts that don’t look the way they should. At an age when we should be full of life, joy and love our bodies we take on the negative beliefs that have been handed to us and begin a life of negative self-talk and yo-yo- dieting.


Do you want to continue believing the myth? Now you’re probably thinking, “What myth? My thighs are huge, that isn’t a myth”. If a thought like that popped into your mind – you do believe the myth. Maybe you do have big thighs but that doesn’t mean you aren’t – and they aren’t – beautiful.  Who said you have to be a certain, height, weight or shape to be beautiful. Really, who made that up? Your first step is to uncover all negative body image beliefs you have and question their validity.


When you expose a negative belief to the light and you know where it came from you can change it.


Think of children and how happy they are to run around naked have fun and be joyful. They don’t focus on how their bodies aren’t perfect and how they don’t measure up. They live in harmony and fun. It’s time for you to do it too (probably not the running around naked though :)). Are you ready to take back your power?