Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

3 Ways You Might Be Blocking Love, Money and Joy


If you feel you’re on a constant spinning cycle, trying desperately to find love, joy or money something is blocking you. If you’re like most people there’s a very good chance it’s because your beliefs, thoughts and behaviors are not in alignment with what you want, thus blocking the love, money and joy.


Believe me, I know it’s not fun and can be downright frustrating. I’ve been there – constantly paddling up stream, trying new things, new ideas with none of them really working. Why didn’t they work? Because they were all superficial attempts to make things work – the type of things that matter but not enough to create real change. Those superficial attempts might be more training, a new suit or the next sleek gadget. For example, imagine you want to attract big love. You can work on the outside by updating your look and wearing new styles, but if you’re trying to hide behind clothes it’s a façade and it won’t work. I know this because I’ve seen two types of women who suffer from this.

The first woman is a fashionista. She hides behind her clothes. She’s attractive and feels okay enough about how she looks to dress well and stand out. She loves the attention. However, she really feels like she’s not measuring up. Her worth comes from her appearance so she is always looking for the next trend, whether it’s style or beauty – she has to have it!

The second is the woman (lets’ call her Emily) who says she wants to improve her image but puts so many limitations on what she’ll wear or what she’ll buy that she basically doesn’t make any changes. She envies the fashionistas because they have what she wants – to look and feel pretty. She doesn’t think she can have it so she hides behind the belief that ‘it’s just not her’ and ‘to look good is to be self-centered’. Her friends, who are just like her and who feel good talking about women negatively, reinforce beliefs like these. She says she wants to make changes but inside she’s terrified that she can never measure up.

How will this behavior show up in attracting love? The fashionista will attract men who fall all over her with attention and do what she wants, or she will attract men who resonate with her low self-esteem and attempt to control her. Neither of these brings joy or real love. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

How will it show up for Emily? She will attract a man who she believes she deserves, not the man she really wants. She settles for second best in most areas of her life.

That’s just an example of how we can be blocking ourselves from finding love. The thing is, this behavior plays out in all areas of people’s lives. For example, when the fashionista wants a better career or more clients (more money) she will sabotage herself in a similar way, working on the outside appearance – telling people what they want to hear, making herself look perfect – to get what she wants. It doesn’t work.

When Emily wants a new position or more clients she settles for second best, attracting clients who don’t pay her and/or doing tasks that are not in her job description. She copes by blaming her failures on other people.

The result of not being in alignment – not being the person you really are – is a lack of money, love and joy.

What’s the secret of overcoming this?

  1. Self-love: Get to know who you really are. I mean who you really are. What circumstances brought you to where you are today? Get rid of beliefs that don’t serve you. Find out where they came from and get rid of them FOREVER. Create new belief patterns.
  1. Stop the excuses: If anyone has done it before you can do it too. Stop making excuses. Excuses are self-sabotage. Focus on the positive. Get someone who is where you want to be and get them to help you. Stay away from people who agree with you when you say you can’t do it.
  1. Get rid of bad habits and create good ones: Some of those bad habits are procrastination, fear, busy work, negative thinking and being in the company of people who are negative.


To get what you want you must sacrifice. Sacrifice old ideas that feel comfortable and are holding you back for new ones that will take you forward. Yay!