Monday, January 18th, 2021

Are You A Smart Dressed Man?


What is your first reaction when you encounter a man who is smartly dressed? For most people, the unconscious thought is that he is intelligent, well educated, wealthy and has a host of other positive attributes. By comparison, when we meet men who are poorly groomed and sloppily dressed we are more apt to look upon them less favourably.

Clothes (and grooming) have the ability to create first impressions that are not always correct. Let’s face it, most people won’t bother to take the time to befriend the man who hasn’t taken the time to take care of himself. It might not be fair but people make instant judgments based on how we look. Is how you look costing you the job you want, a promotion, or the woman of your dreams? It doesn’t have too. When a person takes the time, interest and effort to learn how to dress well, looking great does not only appear effortless – it is.

How do you become a smart dresser? You begin by wanting to look your best, and then you learn more about yourself – your goals, your body type and your best styles. You take that information and blend it with your lifestyle and the rules of style and you are a smart dresser.

To look your best you must start with:

Clothes That Fit

Clothes that are too big or are ill fitting will not only make you look larger they will hide your assets and accentuate figure flaws. Jackets, pants and shirts should be tailored to fit a person’s body measurements. For example, a jacket should fit in the shoulder area and have sleeves that are the correct length – ending just below the wrist bone. Pants that are too long or too baggy are a couple of examples of mistakes can ruin your look.

The Right Colour

The best looking outfit will loose all of its pizzazz if the colour does not complement the wearer. Colour is one of the most important aspects of looking great. The wrong colour will make your skin look dull, lines and wrinkles more apparent and dark circles darker. The right colours will make skin look radiant, eyes will sparkle and lines, wrinkles and dark circles less noticeable.

Colour is divided into warm and cool categories. For those whose skin has yellow undertones, warm colours look best on them. Those whose skin has blue undertones look best in cool colours. Usually we are drawn to colours that look best on us and if you pay attention to how different colours blend with your skin tone you will make better colour choices. To learn more about which colours look best on you seek out a colour professional.

Hair and Grooming

Your hair and grooming can make or break your look. To be sure that your hair is not ruining your look, keep it tidy and if you have a beard keep it neatly trimmed. Get your hair cut by a hairstylist on a regular basis and keep your hairstyle up-to-date (nothing will ruin your look faster than a hairstyle that is from another decade). Avoid parting your hair in the middle – this is not a flattering style on any man. If you colour your hair, see a professional – don’t attempt that task yourself, you could end up with a hair coloor that is totally wrong for you.

A Wardrobe That Works

To make dressing a pleasurable experience and to always look great you must have a wardrobe that works. A great wardrobe must be planned. You first decide if your wardrobe will be mainly casual or business. If it is business, take the type of business into consideration. For example, dressing for the advertising business will be different that dressing for a career in law. Whatever wardrobe you choose (business or casual) will determine the clothing items you’ll need.

The Perfect Shoes

Nothing ruins a look faster than shoes that are run down scuffed or do not match the outfit. Shoes are a very important aspect of any wardrobe and should be taken care of with regular maintenance. Your shoes should also suit your outfit. If you are wearing an expensive suit, don’t ruin the look by wearing cheap shoes. Before you leave home, look in a full-length mirror and decide if your shoes complement your outfit. Your shoes should match your outfit in colour, weight and occasion.

A Great Attitude

A great attitude – don’t leave home without it. The best-dressed person in the world will not be looked on favourably if they have a bad attitude. Knowing how to look your best will create more opportunities but a great attitude – being able to get along with others, a pleasant personality and charm – is the driving force that will make you shine.