Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Why Aren’t You Getting What You Want?


Just think about it. Do you have everything you want? Do you know what you want? Do you dare to dream about how your life could be? Do you not want to go there because you think having everything you want isn’t possible anyway? Or, do you think having what you want is a fantasy life that someone else (a chosen few) gets to live. Not you.


For years I wasn’t getting what I wanted. I settled because I didn’t really think it was possible to have what I wanted. I settled for a life that was ‘okay’. I could have lived years like that; many do, but I yearned for more. It wasn’t until I realized that if I made a decision to live the life I wanted – it was possible.


What are you settling for?


  • A life of compromise – you give too much, you always put the needs of others before you, you say yes, when you want to say no.
  • Working too much – you over extend yourself at work and home.
  • Not taking care of yourself – you’re so tired that you don’t take care of your hair, makeup, image or diet.


The problem is that between here (the life you have) and there (the life you want) is big hurdle. That hurdle is fear. Fear of the future, fear of what might go wrong, fear of what people will say, etc. Learning to overcome fear is the one thing that helped me and can help you to begin to open up your mind to possibilities. What might be possible if you weren’t afraid? You could:


  • Quit the job you hate and start something new
  • Move to a new location or to a home you love
  • Get rid of friends who drain you
  • Take a trip to an exotic location


If any of these statements make you think, “Yeah, really, that’s not happening” then you know you have some limiting beliefs. To make a change the first step is to decide you want to make a change. The second step is to decide what you want. The third step is to put it into action. Nothing happens without action. All of this change relies on you having a compelling reason to make the leap. If you’re like me you will always have a nagging feeling of restlessness, the feeling that there has to be more. It’s a feeling that never really leaves. That was what ultimately became my why. It’s only when you really believe change is possible that you will begin to work toward it.