Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

What Are Your Clothes Saying About You?

They’re talking about you! Who’s talking?  It’s your clothes, your energy and your body language. And you thought you weren’t being noticed.

Every day your choice of clothing is either bringing you closer to what you want or taking you away from it. The thing that most people don’t get is – clothes have power!  They affect your energy and your body language. Clothes have a lot to say.

(Actors are great examples, especially good ones. They change their clothes, hair, body language and behaviour and they are another person instantly)

Let me give you an example. You’re going to a networking event. Before you pack you think about the temperature, the number of days you’ll be there and the amount of movement involved. You want to be comfortable – the right amount of clothes, the right fabric for warmth and movement. These are the basic considerations for everyone. For most people this is as far as it goes. Does ending it there have impact? It sure does!

Depending on your relationship with clothes and yourself (they go together) you might pack to meet a higher goal. A goal of how you show up and of how you want to be seen.  Consciously, you are attending the event to make contacts and you want to be seen in a favourable light. You easily choose outfits you feel are the real you – those you feel comfortable wearing. They are outfits that have become “an old reliable”.

Maybe the truth is they are outfits you hide in easily. It might be that in your effort to fit in and not stand out you stand out as being like everyone else.  Since you are not really showing up as the real you (because you haven’t really discovered how your clothes can express that) your energy is affected. It is affected in how you appear to others visually and your body language is affected. Others intuitively pick up on your energy by being in your presence and your body language hides nothing.

Your energy is affected because your “old reliable “ outfits carry energy of the person you used to be or feel you’re supposed to be – not the person you are or aspire to be.  It becomes a very disempowering energy.

One way to find out if this is true for you is to take a moment and reflect on an outfit you often wear. Close your eyes and visualize the last time you wore it. Ask yourself how you felt wearing it. What do you love about that outfit? Did you feel confident walking into a particular room or occasion?  Be truthful, what were your gut reactions and feelings to those questions? If thinking back wasn’t instantly uplifting there is a disconnection between your clothes and your feelings – your energy is being affected.

This is just one scenario. Your clothes can be a barrier between you and others – not letting others see the real you. You might wear outfits that keep you hidden -hiding your body or your talents. Or, the least common is transparency – showing your inner beauty.  The power of clothes is amazing but what’s more amazing is how we use them. So, what are your clothes saying?

Don’t you just love Meryl?