Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

How to Get Noticed and Stand Out In Style

By Sheila Dicks

Are you someone who wants to stand out and get noticed? Have you come to realize that standing out and getting noticed in a positive way is a good thing? It’s good for your business, it’s good in your personal life and it’s good for your career. In all instances standing out brings more opportunities.

Your image is pivotal in determining whether you stand out. Did you know that 90% of all communication is non- verbal? Which means your image is doing the talking for you. The great thing about it is you have control of your image – your style, your behavior and how you communicate.

Here are some tips to help you use style to stand out and get noticed.

  1. Make a decision to create a style that is all yours, that feels good for you, your brand and how you want to show up. While fashion comes and goes our own personal style is something that is created (by us) and flows with us as we change and develop.


You can begin to create your personal style by first thinking about how you want to feel. If you dress in clothes that feel good you will go about your day relaxed – in any situation – never worrying about how you look.

To begin make a list of styles you feel great wearing. What clothing is most comfortable – in fit and material – and which styles are compatible with how you want to feel?  The next step is to choose styles that are put together in a way that conveys a  message that best represents you. If you haven’t already, you might have to think a little on what you want that message to be. It’s important that the message you’re sending is the one you want to send.

2.  Learn all you need to know. Image is not just about wearing great styles. It also means good grooming – good grooming that happens EVERY day.  When you make a decision to take care of your image it’s an every day thing. Your image follows you wherever you go.

Good grooming also means having a hairstyle, makeup and accessories that blend well with your intended image. For example, a sporty hairdo and classic attire are not in balance and will throw your look off. Be very clear about how you want to look and make sure your whole look is in harmony. Harmony in colour, texture and occasion.

3. Act with confidence. Our confidence comes from different areas of our lives and when we begin to develop all areas our confidence soars. Confidence in how we look (our image), what we know (our area of expertise) and how we feel about ourselves (self-worth).

Confident people stand out and GET noticed.