Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

Is Your Style Helping You Attract What You Want?

By Sheila Dicks

Are you thinking, “What does attracting what you want have to do with style”? It has everything to do with what you’re attracting. If you aren’t getting the results in life you want you might want to take a look at the image you’re portraying.  We can miss out on some amazing opportunities if we ignore the fact that how we look matters.

Your “results” can be something big like landing a dream job, having incredible friends or attracting your ideal clients to something smaller like hiring an amazing assistant, getting a room upgrade or getting more attention.

It doesn’t matter if we’re paying attention to what we wear and the image we’re projecting or if we’re not paying any attention, we still have an image, and that image is bringing us results.  Take the lead from large companies who who spend a ton of money every year on advertising to create a favorable image – they know the difference it can make. Do you want to have a say in your results? You can. How do you know if your image is working for you? Ask yourself this question, “How much of what I want am I getting?”

For example, you’re looking for a life partner but keep attracting someone who is critical. You have to ask yourself how much of a critic you are (especially toward yourself) and how that affects how you dress, your style and how you present yourself in the world.  I’ve found that women who are critical of themselves and their bodies are more likely to wear dark colours and loose fitting clothes or they obsess about what they wear and dress to stand out, hoping how they look will hide how they feel. Their body language shows they are not confident and their potential partners are ‘listening’. Which potential partner is most likely to step up? It’s the person who is looking for a lack of confidence so they can take the lead.  It won’t be the one who is looking for a confident woman.

Another example of this is a person who is a business owner who knows her stuff and provides great customer service.  She is either not attracting the type of client she wants or not attracting very many at all. The reason again is her image. Those she does attract want to hire her at a lower rate because they’re not convinced that she will do a good job. Why? She doesn’t really have a style, she isn’t comfortable in what she wears and it shows. It shows in her body language and it shows in her confidence. If she aligned her image (style) with her message her potential clients would get it and that would make a world of difference.

I attended a conference a few months ago and met two women who were perfect examples of this.  One was very sure of herself, had worked on her style (which was an exact match to her and her brand) the other was totally out of alignment with her message and her image. It was no surprise to me to see which one was getting what she wanted.

How do you get an image that attracts what you want? You…

  1. Take time to discover what your style is and how you can create one that portrays on the outside, who you are on the inside.  Start by asking yourself these questions:
  • How do I want others to see me? Relaxed? Energetic? Outgoing? What are your words? What word is reflected in each of these outfits?

  • How would I dress to create an image ‘my words’  imply?
  • Are they representative of how I feel or would like to feel?

If you’d like to get started on creating your signature style book an appointment with me to discuss your options.