Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

3 Ways to Save Time and Look Great

By Sheila Dicks

Honestly, how much time do you spend each morning in front of your closet wondering what to wear? You feel defeated because since you don’t see anything inspiring (even though you shop regularly)  your only choice is an outfit that has become one of your ‘old faithfuls’? Does this sound familiar? Or, you don’t even bother you look for something different to wear. You just go to an ‘old faithful’ feeling defeated at worst or blah at best. Don’t worry you’re not alone. Closet frustration is a common problem many women face. It usually comes from not knowing the most flattering styles for your body shape, your colouring, your lifestyle and then how to put it all together. After all, although getting dressed is common for everyone, very few have been taught how to dress.

The solution is to first become comfortable with your body. I know maybe it’s not easy – but it is possible.  The next step is to uncover your unique style  and then learn how to choose the most flattering styles for you – to do it easily and with comfort. Knowing how to dress will not only save you time (going through racks and racks of clothes not knowing what you should buy) and money (you won’t end up with clothes you don’t wear) you will look and feel fabulous too.

To get you started here is some time-saving tricks:

1. A mix and match wardrobe: Get started with clearing out your closet and keeping just those items you love and fit you well. Disregard all others (no matter how difficult that might be) and work with what you have. Having a closet that if full of clothes you don’t wear is frustrating and will keep you from looking your best. Choose a neutral colour – black, brown, navy, grey, beige, etc. and two other complementary colours (colours that look great on you). Whatever colours they are should match each other and will go with whichever neutral you choose. Then with the colours you have selected match colours with neutrals. For example, if you’ve chosen grey as your neutral, and pink and purple as your colours, you can match grey pants, pink camisole and purple sweater. Choose 2 neutral bottoms (i.e. skirt and pants) and tops that mix and match with them (i.e. Jacket with blouse, sweater with camisole).

2. Pre-selected outfits: When you have pieces that go well together – they match in design, colour and fabric – you can then put an outfit or outfits together either a week before or a day before. This will give you time to choose the best accessories and make sure the whole outfit works.

If you’re wearing an outer layer such as a coat you’ll need to make sure your coat complements your outfit. For example, a top or skirt should not be dragging below a coat, and your shoes and handbag should be in harmony with the whole outfit. Wow, so much to remember! That’s why it’s a good idea to have your outfits planned. Trying to get everything ready in the morning when you don’t have much time is frustrating.

3. Shop with a plan: After you’ve gone through your closet and have taken out the items that aren’t working for you make a list of the items you’ll need to make some outfits starting with 1 neutral and 2 colours. When you feel comfortable matching with those 3 colours you can add more. Take your list and buy only what you need. You can also get the help of a personal shopper. However, I wouldn’t do that until I knew my best styles and colours. Otherwise, you might end up with a lot of clothes you don’t wear.