Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Is Your Image Working For or Against You?

By Sheila Dicks

As a image coach it is my mission to help women look their absolute best. It is a wonderful feeling to know you look your best in all situations and I like to spread more of that around. So, it pains me when I meet women who want to look great but are running up against roadblocks or mindsets that are holding them back.

Here are 3 fashion mindsets that can hold you back:

1. The first mindset belongs to the woman who believes that looking great means wearing the latest styles and brand names. You will always find her wearing at least one fashionable item, sometimes more than one. She believes that to look great she must look like she is ‘in fashion’. She will make sure she is always wearing the season’s colours and the latest fashions. For example, if flare pants are stylish, she wears them; if hats are popular, she has one in every colour. She doesn’t care if the purse she’s carrying matches anything she’s wearing, it’s stylish, and she likes it – that’s all that matters.

The problem: Since she isn’t paying attention, she doesn’t realize the season’s most popular colour might not harmonize with her hair, eyes and skin and wearing it makes her look drab. She is dressing on a whim and is being tossed and turned with the fashion cycle. This leads to a disorganized closet, many clothes that are worn only once (or never worn) and a look that is muddled. She doesn’t look her best because she is dressing according to trends and how someone else says she should look and she isn’t paying any attention to her own unique personality. She spends a lot of money (and time) on clothes that don’t really go together well and clothes that don’t suit her individuality.

The fix: To feel better and look better she needs to find her signature style and buy clothes based on her body type, colouring and lifestyle. She can still look fashionable by integrating a few new seasonal items that blend well with the occasion and her personality and look great. She will also feel much more content and have more self-confidence.

2. The second mindset belongs to the woman who doesn’t believe that style or fashion is important. She believes paying attention to how you look is superficial. She hasn’t changed her hairstyle since she was in her teens or twenties and her clothing styles haven’t been updated. She is over 45 and still wears her makeup as she did thirty years ago (or doesn’t wear any). She believes that what she knows (her intelligence) is more important than how she looks.

The problem: Her lack of attention to her appearance and how she looks will have a negative impact on the how she is viewed.

The Fix: Taking small steps toward a more stylish look and investing time in updating her wardrobe, hair and makeup. This update will not only create a more pleasing look, she will attract more of what she wants (a new job, a promotion, soul mate or clients). She also needs to realize that caring about how you look is a form of self-care not selfishness. Granted, there are some women who are totally caught up in themselves and how they look. Those women are easy to see through and are not easily mistaken for someone who genuinely likes herself and others.

3. The third mindset belongs to the woman wants to look her best but doesn’t know where to begin. She doesn’t like shopping because it’s frustrating. She thinks, “What’s the use?” When she shops, which is seldom, she buys clothes just because they’re okay and what she’s used to wearing. She gets in and out of stores as fast as she can. She knows she could look much better but doesn’t have any idea where to start and is a little scared and intimidated to ask for help.

The problem: If she continues to wear what she’s always worn she won’t feel any better and won’t attract all of what she wants.

The fix: To get help in defining her personal style and learn how to choose a wardrobe that suits her body shape, her personality and lifestyle. With just a little guidance she can be on her way to having more confidence and fun.