Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

How to Look Taller and Slimmer


If you’re petite (5’4” or under) you know the challenges of finding clothing that not only fits perfectly but creates a stylish look. In the last 20 years or so manufacturers have started creating styles for petite women but still don’t have it right. Since petite women aren’t all alike it’s sometimes difficult to find the right fit even in the petite section.  I’ve found that many petite women are not only disillusioned with finding the right fit but are downright frustrated (especially if they’ve gained weight) and shop as little as possible. You’re probably wondering, if is there an answer? Yes, I’m happy to say there is. You can look stylish at any age and any size. It’s just a matter of knowing what you’re looking for.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

Slimmer and Taller
1. Bring attention upwards
– to your face. Makeup, jewelry and your hair all attract attention and if you’re petite you’ll want attention drawn to your face to make you appear taller.  Makeup is the finishing touch to any great outfit and if done properly will create a more sophisticated look. Jewelry – earrings, a necklace or brooch (in your favorite metal or colour) will add a splash of colour near your face.  A chic hairstyle, one that does not overpower your petite frame will accent your look.

2. Limit details – and create more height. Choose clothing with lapels, buttons, belts and pockets that balance your frame and height. Too many details or those that are too big and bulky will make you appear shorter.

White House/Black Market

Create Vertical Lines

3. Use fabrics to your advantage – and appear thinner. The textures you choose to wear are very important. Smooth textures and light to medium fabrics are the best choice for a small frame. They add less bulk and therefore make you appear smaller and slimmer.

Dress from Le Chateau

Wear monochromatic Colours

4. Create vertical lines – and look taller. The eye naturally follows line direction so it makes sense to use vertical lines to your advantage. Create vertical lines with colour by wearing the same colour from head-to-toe (any colour, it doesn’t have to be black – preferably not). Create lines with garment construction – single breasted jackets and deep v-necklines.

Dress from Le Chateau

Wear skin tone shoes


White house/ Black market

Match your hose to your hemline

5.  Create a hemline – that keeps the eye higher on the body. Wear skirts and shorts on inch above or at the knee. Create a longer line by wearing hosiery and shoes the same colour as your pants or skirt. Also, wear skin-tone shoes to create the look of a longer leg.

Very few women can actually find off-the-rack clothes that fit them perfectly. That is why it’s good to have a seamstress you can trust (make sure you’ve seen her/his work before you hire her/him) to make necessary alterations. To get a perfect fit you will possibly need hems and sleeves shortened, side seams taken in, patch pockets removed, tapering, etc. This will entail an extra cost but will be well worth it in the end because you look and feel much better.