Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

5 Easy Ways to Achieve Everyday Elegance

Look at any woman who is magnetic and you’ll notice she is also elegant.  A woman, who is described as being elegant is graceful, dignified; has good taste, good behaviour and great style. Generally when we think of elegance we think of a refined lifestyle complete with fine china and expensive jewelry. However, elegance is more about poise, respect and grace. You can increase or refine your everyday elegance and boost your credibility with these tips:


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Always Choose Quality: Quality clothing not only looks and drapes better it lasts longer and holds its shape longer. Better quality clothing might cost more but is  is certainly superior in the impact it has on your image. Look for seams that are  finished,  clean button holes, and patterns that match, etc. You will spend more for fewer outfits but you will look and feel so much better.


women in style - zappos2. Focal Point: A focal point is a point of interest that draws attention. Depending on your style code that focal point will be different. For example, a leopard print top could be a focal point for Vivacious Vicki, a set of beautiful pearls could be a focal point for Loving Lana and a unique pair of cowboy boots could be the focal point for Natural Nellie. Each one of these styles is different but all can achieve elegance by choosing a focal point.  Unlock Your Style Code Here

Everyday Elegance

3. Unclutter Your Closet: Elegance cannot be found in clutter, which means elegance won’t come out of a cluttered closet. If you want to be well-dressed and achieve elegance, uncluttering your closet is the most important first step.

4. Always Wear Your Best Colours: No matter how well you’re dressed, if you’re wearing the wrong colour your whole outfit looks blah. That is why it is so important to wear colours that compliment your skin tone, hair and eye colour and not just wear colours you like. There are lots of colours in every palette – you’ll never have to choose a colour you don’t like or be stuck to wearing a limited number of colours.  If you aren’t absolutely sure what colours are most flattering on you, having a professional colour analysis is one of the best investments you’ll make in your wardrobe.

5. Treat Yourself Special: True elegance can only be achieved through good self-esteem. When you like who you are and you feel good about yourself that feeling of confidence is radiated to the world. Don’t confuse special self treatment with self-centeredness – they are totally opposite. Seeing yourself as special means treating yourself well – good food, exercise, friends, alone time etc.