Monday, January 18th, 2021

Are You Wearing the Right Colours?

By Sheila Dicks

Fashion stylists and image consultants have always known the importance of wearing the right colours and have been using colour analysis in their businesses for years.  Colour is not just one of the essential ingredients of a great look – it’s one of the building blocks. The right colours make such a huge impact on how you look that you really “shouldn’t get dressed without them”. Since we have to dress everyday and we wear clothes with colour (at least most of us do) why wouldn’t we want to wear our absolute best colours?

Wearing the newest trendy colours will not enhance our image if the colours we’re wearing are not related to our body’s natural colouring. Our best colours have the same colour temperature, the same intensity and the same degree of contrast as those colours found in our eyes, hair and skin. Take a look at these pictures of Kate Middleton who is an excellent example of someone who not only dresses with style and polish but also wears her best colours.

Cameron Dias who usually wears the right colours made a terrible mistake (she realized it after it was done) when she changed the colour of her hair. Her new hairdo and hair colour aged her 15 years. That’s the impact of colour! I don’t think it will be long (if she hasn’t already) before she goes back to her original colour.

As we get older and our skin and hair lightens our best colours change. The colours that look fabulous on us at 20 may need to be softened, lightened at 40, and perhaps again at 60.

If you had a color analysis more than 10 years ago you should consider seeing a professional color consultant again if:

  • You no longer have your colour palette
  • you’ve changed your hair color and the colors in your guide no longer look good with the new hair colour
  • you were color analyzed over 25 years ago with a system that had only 4 colour types

If you have never had a colour analysis and you would like to have one look for an image consultant who uses a system that is either customized or has a bare minimum of 12 colour categories. A good colour analysis will simplify the process of selecting clothing and makeup colors. You will no longer waste money and time shopping for and buying clothes that don’t flatter and harmonize with your hair, eyes and skin.